Translation of part-time in Spanish:


de medio tiempo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑrt ˈˌtaɪm//pɑːtˈtʌɪm/


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    (job/worker/student) de medio tiempo Latin America
    (job/worker/student) a tiempo parcial Spain
    • More and more colleges are dependent on lecturers on part-time or temporary contracts.
    • The change would be a good deal for people who work part-time at the end of their working life or have a low final salary.
    • They enjoyed it so much that they've decided to make it a full or part-time business.
    • After studying Italian part-time at Bury College he moved to Italy to further his studies.
    • Bridget had to give up work as a part-time cleaner and cook in the local convent when she got sick.
    • He was hoping to take a part-time job to look after his mother and will now have to find another full-time job.
    • It is a part-time occupation requiring five to 10 days a month attending to duties.
    • A year in Prague led to a part-time teaching post in the same subject at Edinburgh University.
    • Mr Power was to have taken on the part-time role as head of its music festivals arm.
    • Even with his wife working part-time the family struggled to make ends meet.
    • He took a part-time job as a teacher in a girls school in Leiden which gave him sufficient money to allow him to rent a room.
    • She even managed to work part-time as a teacher and gained a job at the University of York after her release.
    • There is a middle aged man on my course who attends Wednesday evening lectures as a part-time student.
    • The case was tried by a local part-time Justice of the Peace who ran a grocery store.
    • Mr Clarke worked as a part-time security guard at Somerfield in the town and his wife was a childminder.
    • In Scotland that might mean utilising councillors and MEPs in a part-time capacity.
    • The number of part-time workers had also risen faster than those employed full-time.
    • It has also doubled the workforce and now employs eight full-time and two part-time staff.
    • He said he will miss repairing damaged sewing machines most, but hopes to keep his hand in part-time.
    • He was now working as finance officer for a local voluntary sector trust, but only on a part-time basis.


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    (study/work) de medio tiempo Latin America
    (study/work) a tiempo parcial Spain