Translation of part work in Spanish:

part work

fascículo, n.



  • 1

    (of book, journal)
    fascículo masculine
    • An acquaintance who worked for a publisher asked for some pictures to illustrate a series of part-works, beginning with The Story of Pop.
    • ‘Most part-works fall off in popularity after week six or seven, but there is no way that the young girls will not keep collecting Sabrina's Secrets,’ she said.
    • And yet good technology advice isn't hard to find: news stand magazines and part-works offer lucid explanations, most newspapers feature weekly PC advice columns, and much more information is only two clicks away on the internet.
    • I got this DVD as a ‘bonus’ with the first issue of the part-work.
    • For those who've been living in a cave in the desert for the last twenty years, part-works are the magazines coming in like 50 parts, courses on cross-stitch, painters, collectible bird statues, you name it, you can get a part-work on it.