Translation of participate in Spanish:


participar, v.

Pronunciation /pɑrˈtɪsəˌpeɪt//pɑːˈtɪsɪpeɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    tomar parte
    to participate in sth participar en algo
    • Though he misses playing in matches he feels that he cannot risk injury by participating.
    • Theists argue that God is a personal, loving God who shares and participates in our lives i.e. he shares in our joy and in our pain.
    • Thanks also to the swimmers who participated and those who contributed in any way.
    • Join now and participate in the first contest to win Collectible Swept Away Posters!
    • Twenty two patients participated in an additional joint consultation with their own doctor.
    • Carnival is not a spectacle seen by the people; they live in it, and everyone participates because its very idea embraces all people.
    • Twenty nine cars participated in what was regarded as the best and most enjoyable hunt ever.
    • Parents need to engage with sport and encourage their children to participate.
    • Failure to do so will be taken to mean that the clubs involved will not participate.
    • There is value in participating in a system where we all share with some common rules.
    • We are looking for any children interested in participating in Tag rugby for their area.
    • The Syndicate has consistently led the pack in all areas it participates in, paid its dues as a guild, and earned its place as a lead guild in the gaming world.
    • More accurately, the erosion of pluralism means that one participates in a kind of negative identification.
    • Sound is a mixed choir with a flexible structure generated by the nature of its repertoire and of the events it participates in.
    • If I was to do anything to help, perhaps it could involve participating in protests and so on.
    • The ethnographer is engaged in regular interaction with people and participates in their daily lives.
    • Finally, if you are fortunate enough to be able to participate in an employee share scheme, do so!
    • In this contest of will and purpose, not every nation joins every mission, or participates in the same way.
    • He had this great idea to involve people in participating in writing a short fantasy story.
    • All shops participating in the festival will be given entry forms for the prize.