Translation of particularity in Spanish:


particularidad, n.

Pronunciation /pərˌtɪkjuˈlɛrəti//pəˌtɪkjʊˈlarɪti/



  • 1

    (individual quality)
    particularidad feminine
    singularidad feminine
    • Each countenance must be seen in its incommensurable particularity - in other words, as a unique beauty which cannot be replaced, substituted, or reduced to another.
    • They also criticize the tendency of the dominant framework to interpret harms suffered by oppressed groups as harms solely to generic individuals who have been stripped of their particularity.
    • The particularity of women's bodies, and the distinct role they play in reproduction, demand an articulation of these rights as women's rights.
    • However ephemeral, they will find a way to alchemize their internalization of the event into a further manifestation, filtered through the particularity of individual consciousness.
    • Some indication of particularity must be there: a recognisable hill profile, a specific tree.
    • The star is not the dissolution of individualism into death and oblivion but the freezing of particularity into an eternal image of itself.
    • In other words, what we see is not self-evident equality, but human particularity and human individuality.
    • Conversely our tragedy is that we can never know fully the other: we can never put ourselves in her place, experience her experiences, understand her in her concrete particularity, in those unique, unrepeatable situations.
    • So to be able to concentrate on a single object and to describe it in all of its individual particularity seemed to them a Herculean feat.
    • But the meaning of his Judaism is not a simple ‘pick and choose’ as the vulgar believe, but a Jewish self that cherished its particularity and its distinctiveness.
    • The state legislates, maybe even occasionally provides for the individual communities within it, but not in their particularity.
    • The intensity and extremity of this expansion of experience is paralleled by the deepening of communion, by which particularity and individuation are shared with others.
    • She actually says that ‘dance dissolves the particularity of individuals into something greater’.
    • All and sundry want to be part of it though on mutually beneficial terms and all wish to be respected for whatever unique particularity they may bring to the common agenda.
    • Hence, rather than being totally obliterated by the Western consumerist forces of sameness, local difference and particularity still play an important role in creating unique cultural constellations.
    • His intention was to achieve the expression of universal harmony by avoiding individualism and particularity.
    • But here, interspersed as they are between the episodes, the iterative passages tend again to remove both narrator and reader from the particularity and immediacy of those individual episodes.
    • In the course of each individual's perception, all things renew their particularity.
    • In this sense, the sick person's body is heightened in its individual yet totalized particularity on the primal grounds of the cosmic body, the absolute container.
    • A universal may be common to any number of particulars, and it is the particularity of the individual occurrence of the universal that differentiates one rose, say, from another.
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    a man of almost obsessive particularity un hombre de carácter casi maniático