Translation of partisan in Spanish:


partisano, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpɑːtɪˈzan//ˈpɑrdəzən//ˈpɑːtɪzan/


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    partisano masculine
    partisana feminine
    miembro de la resistencia feminine
    • He reminded listeners that in 1943 Yugoslav partisans in Serbia fought against numerically superior German forces and won.
    • German martial law refused to recognize the Italian partisans as a war party.
    • At another leg of the march, government partisans opened fire, wounding two demonstrators.
    • They marched off to fight the partisans or the Russians ‘to protect Europe’.
    • Henceforth, they found themselves in increasingly open, partisan warfare.
    • His work as an army intelligence officer later took him to Sicily and then Italy where he fought with the partisans.
    • When guerrilla or partisan warfare further exasperated him, Grant proposed radical measures.
    • Giovanni Pesce fought with the partisans during the Second World War.
    • By July 1943, the number of partisans fighting against the Germans was estimated at 142,000.
    • Similar atrocities occurred throughout occupied Europe after attacks by partisans or agents on German troops.
    • Lithuania put up the strongest struggle, with partisans holding out until 1953.
    • As the Wehrmacht had to change from attack to defence, the division was deployed to fight against partisans.
    • They were eventually able to combine with the partisans and force a German surrender.
    • Large areas were still held by partizans behind the German lines, and the Soviet forces tried to link up with them using airborne forces.
    • Only when the occupying troops proved more vicious than the partisans did rural communities support the resistance.
    • At the beginning of the protest, Aristide partisans attacked demonstrators, hitting one with a rock and shooting another.
    • Whether the same is true in the realm of the very small - the warfare of guerrillas, partisans, and terrorists - is more difficult to say.
    • The partisans fought a revolutionary war in a constantly shifting pattern, and their leadership did so with a political aim.
    • And, in fact, if it hadn't been for outside support the partisans would have been wiped out in no time.
    • A combination of superior tactics, better use of material, and fierce military and partisan fighting led to Soviet victory.
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    partidario masculine
    partidaria feminine
    • So what was it that seemingly turned him into a Democratic partisan?
    • But some are beginning to participate in an activity once thought to be the preserve of technology geeks and political partisans.
    • Democratic partisans believe they smell blood in the water, and their instinct is to swarm.
    • The legal battle is being closely followed nationwide by partisans on both sides of the right to die issue.
    • Pro-independence partisans in Taiwan's ruling party are admitting the island cannot live apart from China
    • This appears to be the case because as the campaign progressed each did a good job securing support from their weak partisans.
    • What Pryor demonstrated in the Ten Commandments controversy is that he is not a partisan nor an ideologue.
    • His tone also makes clear that this volume essays is intended only for Democratic partisans.
    • Today, as in the past, chefs are grouped into ‘schools’ with debates raging between the partisans of one and supporters of another.
    • We cannot let partisans drive an ideological stake in the heart of public broadcasting.
    • She is assigned to serve with a cadre of British agents supporting the anti-fascist partisans.
    • They're igniting a great deal of enthusiasm and energy among partisans, at least among some of the very political blogs out there.
    • Also, the fact that party partisans are put in charge of running the elections is crazy and is an obvious conflict of interest.
    • It was what allowed him to stack the party with his partisans and essentially take over and begin purges.
    • True democracy is dreaded by partisans of the old left and right alike.
    • Demonstrations by partisans of both sides turned increasingly aggressive last week.
    • The numerous controversies between State advocates and partisans of private initiative explain this lag.
    • Remember that you are not partisans or advocates in this matter.
    • Well, it just means that I don't consider myself a political partisan in the sense that we back one party or another.
    • Unlike many of his colleagues, who operate as adjuncts of the Democratic Party, Hair wasn't a partisan.


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    (crowd/decision) partidista
    (account) parcial
    • Of course, many of those who were right about the war were only right because of their own partisan prejudices.
    • Making the system even worse are media bookers who want predictable, preferably partisan views.
    • It's getting very hard to attribute these kinds of responses to sheer ignorance - or even partisan bias.
    • Special interest groups and partisan politics have blocked all efforts at reform since 1986.
    • In reality, the danger to democracy and Scottish interests came from cronyism, reinforced by partisan voting.
    • But this sense of crisis obviously pales in the face of partisan interests.
    • He urged both parties to cool their rhetoric and put the nation's interest ahead of partisan advantage.
    • They have already used the Justice Department in the pre-election legal challenges for partisan purposes.
    • I just regret that it was made public for very partisan, political reasons that I don't think were good for the country.
    • There is a thinly veiled measure of ideological and partisan bias driving this entire matter.
    • I have the advantage of not being a professional politician and not depending on partisan interests.
    • I have seen that privilege subordinated to partisan interests.
    • But take partisan loyalties out of the equation and I will favour art over honest endeavour, every time.
    • It is part of the sincerity of rational arguments that they are never knowingly glosses for partisan prejudices.
    • Where divination is by trance-mediumship the prophet is often a stranger, a person deemed free from partisan interests.
    • But this passionate and partisan book does far more than revive interest in a neglected writer.
    • In the current climate, it would probably be dismissed as partisan bias.
    • There could be no question of partisan bias, which is not unknown in the world of experts.
    • It is not unheard of for countries to put aside partisan differences in the national interest, usually when the enemy is at the gates.
    • The news media should not be complacent about the fact that so relatively few people see ideological or partisan bias.