Translation of partly in Spanish:


en parte, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑrtli//ˈpɑːtli/


  • 1

    en parte
    he did it partly for religious reasons lo hizo en parte por razones religiosas
    • it was partly my fault en parte fue culpa mía
    • a partly eaten bar of chocolate una barra de chocolate a medio comer / empezada
    • it's only partly true solo es verdad en parte
    • it was partly destroyed fue parcialmente destruido
    • It is partly for this reason that he is refusing to rush any recruitment moves.
    • She is currently working on her third novel that will be partly based in the North of England.
    • It is low because as well as being affected by the dry summer, it was partly drained for repairs.
    • When I moved to Scotland it was partly to do with wanting to enjoy the Scottish culture.
    • I felt partly responsible for the big day because I had introduced them on a night out.
    • I think in general people found it very funny and that indeed was partly the intention.
    • The land was excluded from the original plans because it is partly in the city's green belt.
    • It was partly greater familiarity with the soundtrack that made me enjoy it more.
    • Which is very poor given that serving food is partly how they make their living.
    • This is partly to cut out the noise and vibration from passing trams and traffic.
    • She had not agreed to it, although in a statement she admitted partly blaming herself.
    • The causes of asthma are not fully known but it is partly an allergic condition.
    • It is clear from the Council report into the progress of the scheme that it has partly backfired.
    • It was where I grew up, and so it follows that it must be a place that at least partly shaped who I am today.
    • He is right that things are better than they were, but this is partly a reflection of how bad they got.
    • This is partly because the squad has so many young players, but it is also a testimony to his quality.
    • The turnout was so good partly because of the weather and partly because the event is so well known now.
    • The land is partly designated for housing, partly for education and is part open space.
    • This is partly based on grounds of public safety on the advice of the relevant authorities.
    • This is partly because most of us have better things to do than fill in forms.