Translation of partway in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpɑrtˌweɪ//ˌpɑrtˈweɪ//pɑːtˈweɪ/


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    this donation will go partway toward the repairs este donativo pagará parte de las obras de reparación
    • the TV broke down partway through the film la televisión se estropeó al rato de empezar la película
    • Food suppliers are pushing bakeable ‘fries’ that are typically prepared part-way before freezing and shipping off to stores.
    • They had befriended the victims outside a bar in before walking them part-way home and robbing them in an alleyway off Kendal Road.
    • She is now part-way through a PhD at Victoria University.
    • Taylor pulled his bus part-way into the bus bay and stepped off his bus to encourage waiting passengers to leave the platform and board the bus.
    • It was only part-way into the chase that Simon realised the two suspects on foot were carrying firearms so he immediately began to give a running commentary to his colleagues over his radio so they could call for back-up.
    • Delia recommends that they be toasted on both sides, then the edges pulled part-way apart and the interior filled liberally with butter, maybe with a little jam for added taste.
    • The family is the one place that should be a guarantee of safety to its members, especially its most vulnerable members, and this legislation goes part-way towards trying to define that and to defend that right.
    • The Burrs started training last year by climbing part-way up the world's sixth biggest mountain.
    • As a result, when she lost control of the car she was thrown part-way out of the driver's side window.
    • While deserving of commendation for that part-way return to a long-missed cup tradition, the FA never stray too far away from the propensity for shooting themselves in the foot.
    • For about the last 20 years, part-way into the marking of examinations, there have been communications from examiners to markers.
    • In a meeting today about it, half the people have suddenly realised that come next week, they're going to be at least part-way responsible for the website content that goes up from their departments.
    • You know, we're already part-way into the term.
    • That person apparently becomes a victim of second-hand smoke, and that is the only way that this Government can find to make this legislation even part-way logical and get it through this House.
    • However, the light triangular base doesn't lend itself to keeping the joystick steady on a desk or feeling comfortable while held, and the support part-way down the joystick actually started to wear at my hand before long.
    • Two of her colleagues are now part-way through the same course.
    • Even if you never charge them, the possibility of extra fees makes your clients think harder about loading you with tons of work or changing their minds part-way through.
    • ‘It would appear that you're part-way there,’ Ky said.
    • But then I couldn't insert a disk: it would go only part-way in, could not be read or written-to, and had to be manually ejected.
    • One manager recently completed a Diploma in Manufacturing Management and three others are currently part-way through Masters Degrees.