Translation of party piece in Spanish:

party piece

numerito, n.



  • 1

    numerito masculine informal
    he was asked to perform his party piece le pidieron que cantara su canción (or recitara su poema etc.)
    • She was always good for a song and her party piece was ‘Danny Boy’.
    • Throughout the night various singers dancers and storytellers performed their own party piece altogether making it a very entertaining and enjoyable night.
    • His mother encouraged him to sing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ as a party piece from about the age of six.
    • Afterwards, there will be musical entertainment, dancing and plenty of party pieces to finish off one of the most enjoyable social occasions of the year for senior citizens.
    • Several of the guests also entertained with their party pieces.
    • She is in the front room lying on the floor, both ankles locked together behind her head, performing her little party piece to the enthusiastic praise of the most important people in her young and beautiful life.
    • The meal was followed by some great entertainment with many locals joining in with a song or two and several other party pieces.
    • Remember when you were so chronically self-conscious that you broke out in spots when invited to speak your name, never mind perform a party piece?
    • Each day people would tell stories or do their party piece while we walked along - that kept us going.
    • Mr Adams does his party piece every 30 minutes on November 26, from 10.15 am until 4.45 pm.
    • I have developed a party piece where I mimic goal celebrations of well known (in England) football players and managers.
    • But Barbara and Alan Cowling's pals have more to offer than karaoke songs and party pieces.
    • Whatever the provenance, the little girl with big ideas soon became a popular party piece, with friends calling specifically to speak to Eloise.
    • Every time there was a concert show they had me up there doing my party piece.
    • All this is well known, and sceptics have been doing convincing ‘readings’ as party pieces for years.
    • Many guests also entertained the crowd with their own renditions and party pieces.
    • For years, my party piece has been my account of her final days.
    • He's very docile - quite boring, actually - but he's a good party piece, and my two sons are in love with him.
    • Tomorrow night promises to be another terrific night as 12 more ladies take to the stage to chat with Brendan and perform their party pieces.
    • Every actor in the world has a Shakespeare monologue that they bring out for auditions and for party pieces.