Translation of party political in Spanish:

party political

de política de partido, adj.



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    de política de partido
    party political broadcast emisión de propaganda de un partido político
    • How have the spin doctors employed by government to spread party political propaganda been an asset to the education of the people of St Lucia?
    • In contrast to cabinet governments, the college is never united by shared party political, national, or ideological affinities.
    • This geographical division of party political strength is a reflection of the socio-economic composition of the population.
    • These are not party political issues - these are questions of local government finance and of proper community planning.
    • We have the right, if not the obligation, to build a party political alternative, to occupy the ground which they have abandoned.
    • Our amendments will get rid of party political appointments to the Electoral Commission.
    • If you don't like what councillors are doing in your name and party political dogma, then why not do something about it?
    • This group cuts across traditional party political lines on independence and comprises some of the most radicalised sections of the working class.
    • It affects everybody in this country, and it is up to all of us to put our party political differences aside and actually start doing something about it.
    • He conveniently forgets that attitudes to the development did not divide on party political lines.
    • Each mayor is more interested in the day-to-day issues that concern people than the petty irrelevances of party political meetings.
    • He said he did not want to get involved in ‘typical party political issues’ now.
    • I do not want to be party political about it, but it was undertaken under a previous Government that was also gaining experience at the time.
    • We think that people's insurance will be invalid, and that is not something that one wants to take party political advantage from.
    • It turns out that the principle he was affirming wasn't against Government funding of party political ads.
    • The demise of party political groupings in favour of independent people who are prepared to examine issues at face value would be an added bonus.
    • It is not a party political convention or conference.
    • But he believes the party political nature of the local council has stopped it tackling problems effectively.
    • There were members on that committee who certainly had personal agendas, but no particular party had a party political agenda.
    • We need to draw in people in communities, but not on a party political basis.