Translation of parvenu in Spanish:


advenedizo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑːvənjuː//ˈpɑrvəˌn(j)u//ˈpɑːvənuː/


formal, derogatory

  • 1

    advenedizo masculine derogatory
    advenediza feminine derogatory
    • And yet one often hears the bitterness of a displaced generation: ‘How many out of this avalanche of parvenus will stay the course?’
    • You rather liked parvenus: they had energy; they knew what they wanted.
    • The others are parvenus and upstarts in comparison.
    • It sounds good that some of the parvenus have volunteered to pay taxes.
    • He presented himself as a supremely patrician figure, so different from the vulgar parvenues of the Thatcher cabinet.