There are 2 main translations of pass in Spanish

: pass1pass2


pasar por, v.

Pronunciation /pæs//pɑːs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(go by, past)

      (house/shop) pasar por
      you'll pass the station on your left vas a pasar por la estación, a mano izquierda
      • I passed him in the street this morning esta mañana me crucé con él en la calle
      • she passed me without saying a word pasó de largo por mi lado sin decirme una palabra
      • not a drop has passed my lips no he bebido ni gota
      • All drivers have to do to pass each other safely is to stay on their side of the road.
      • Three masked men reached a first floor office on Sunday night after passing through at least one checkpoint as well as corridors and rooms secured by coded keypads.
      • The victim was shot in the stomach at close range with a hand gun but the bullet passed through his body narrowly missing his vital organs.
      • She turned and walked slowly away, passing under the light of the lamps.
      • The airport is predicting it will see 330,000 passengers pass through the terminal by Sunday.
      • We passed the Greenbank station and went down to the railroads shops just a mile or two down the road.
      • Calmly curious, they cruise right up to us before passing gently overhead, circling back for a series of fly-bys.
      • A police patrol passing along the road at 2 a.m. became suspicious as they were constantly being preceded by a van.
      • The silence was broken by the engine of a park ranger's orange van passing along the footpath.
      • A shiver passed along her body.
      • Last year, more than 125,000 paying members of the public passed through its gates.
      • You'll be more likely to enjoy and understand the weird places you end up if you know how you got there and what you passed along the way.
      • He was passing along the road after the shooting and noticed the body before anyone else had come to investigate.
      • I am still moved every time I pass the old neighbourhood where I lived.
      • A car passing along the street came to a halt.
      • Before we moved here I passed this junction twice a day for the last 12 years and I never saw an accident.
      • As we passed along the road that led in to Hudsons Field, the first runners were already coming out and we broke into applause, cheering them on.
      • After passing a few side roads, Bastian pulled into her driveway and stopped the car.
      • I would be only too pleased to have bicycles passing my front door rather than noisy, speeding vehicles.
      • The walk up the stairs took no time at all, Kyle started to move slower as they passed Jenny's room.
      • When the traffic finally started to move, I passed an embankment on the right hand side of the motorway which was covered with grazing sheep.
      • She moved along the edge of the cliff and he passed along the rocks to get closer.
      • Geoff said people will get the best view at about midnight each night when Mars passes directly overhead.
      • We reached the marketplace where we did our weekly shopping every Sunday morning, passing between the hospital on the left and the public baths on the right.
      • To Clark's surprise, when he passes them, the director's hand reaches out to flag his attention.
      • You travel along the coast and have some great views of the scenery, passing through several towns along the way.
      • Whenever I pass the old drive-in cinema south of the Heavitree Gap, I get a melancholy feeling.
      • As noted elsewhere in your site, boats cannot pass under low bridges.
      • The journey is always brightened up for me by the miniature golf course we pass along the seafront.
      • Upon discovering it was empty the group moved on, passing portraits and tapestries far too grimy to be determinable.
      • In October 1999, a train passed a red signal departing Paddington Station in London.
      • We passed by apples trees filled with bright red fruits.
      • Just as I was making my move and passing the table I tripped and fell, lunch tray and all.
      • They apologised for blocking the road and let me pass, slowly crunching snow under my tyres.
      • The sun had been up for an hour or so when I passed the Seattle city limit sign.
      • The tour will start on the Victoria Embankment of the Thames, near Blackfriars Station, and pass the Houses of Parliament.
      • For a while, Heather wandered with no purpose or direction, passing apartment buildings and rows of small shops.
      • He said that he recalled something being thrown off the yacht as it passed between the pier and the other yacht.
      • During the eclipse, the moon passed between the sun and the Earth, leaving a bright rim of fire.
      • He passes his brother and moves towards center stage.

    • 1.2(overtake)

      rebasar Mexico
      he'll try to pass us on this bend nos va a querer pasar / (se) nos va a querer adelantar en esta curva
      • At some point the limit of acceptable risk has been passed.
      • I hear that there is peace that passes understanding… there for the taking.
      • You shouldn't eat any food product that has passed its 'use by' date.
      • On the plus side the group has already passed its peak capital investment on the network.
      • Changes in the market started way back when the Nasdaq passed its peak last year.

  • 2

    • 2.1(cross, go beyond)

      (limit) pasar
      (frontier) pasar
      (frontier) cruzar

    • 2.2(surpass)


  • 3

    • 3.1(convey, hand over)

      to pass sb sth, to pass sth to sb pasarle algo a algn
      • pass (me) the sugar, please ¿me pasas el azúcar, por favor?
      • pass me up the hammer pásame / alcánzame el martillo
      • the document was passed around the table el documento circuló por la mesa
      • they passed the buckets along the line pasaron los baldes de mano en mano a lo largo de la fila
      • your papers have been passed to me me han pasado tus papeles
      • The stories are passed from generation to generation, often in the form of songs.
      • The secret arts of the Egyptians were passed orally from one generation to the next.
      • If you haven't received an invite, let me know, and I'll pass one along.
      • I've learned some things about sorting out my home archives that I will pass along to students in my database course.
      • There is no limit on the value of business assets that may be passed to a child in this way.
      • He will provide a display of traditional techniques that have been passed down through the years.
      • Enmities between rival factions - and even families - are passed down the years, and some go back a century or more.
      • Most family businesses suffer as they are passed from generation to generation.
      • The curd tart recipe has been passed down for many years and is a closely-guarded secret.
      • A trade that has been passed down for generations came very close to extinction in the late Nineties.
      • He filled three cups from a large flask, passing them round and drinking a long draught from his own, before introducing himself as Seth.
      • Since manic depression is hereditary, did his parents go through a phase of feeling guilty for passing along the gene?
      • In addition, wealth is passed from one generation of the wealthy to the next.
      • Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested.
      • If you're fed up paying too much for petrol, please pass this message on.
      • Will you please pass the salt, I don't think these French fries were salted.
      • We know how tempting it can be to indulge in listening to or passing along a juicy rumor.
      • The newspaper's findings have now been passed to the Trade and Industry Secretary.
      • The disease could not be passed between humans and was easy to cure if caught early enough.
      • Tales of mermaids in these parts have been passed down over the years.

    • 3.2Sport

      (ball/puck) pasar
      • But Todd was disappointed with only a point and felt his side should have passed the ball a lot better.
      • We passed the ball well and responded well to giving a goal away.
      • Once a player has been tackled, they pass to a team mate.
      • He drew the cover defence to pass to Johnny McGahan who ran half the pitch to score near the posts.
      • We laughed and started passing a soccer ball to one another.
      • He might have been better off taking his score but he elected to pass to Michael Lawlor on the edge of the square.
      • The game starts and the ball is passed from player to player.
      • It was a joy to watch them play: they were smart and they passed the ball brilliantly.
      • He picked up the ball in the inside-right position and trotted forward, although seemingly looking for a teammate to pass to.
      • He can pass the ball well and scores a lot of goals for a midfielder.
      • The tagged player must then pass the ball to a teammate.
      • Both sides were passing the ball well and creating chances.
      • The jerseys were too similar in colour and this led to a number of mistakes when players passed the ball to an opponent.
      • Every coach has paired off players and had them pass the ball back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
      • Everybody wants to dunk and showboat, but few can make free throws or pass the ball.
      • If one watches Brazil play soccer, they play one-touch soccer, passing the ball around to create the openings.
      • The ball gets passed to a player who can't shoot and has never made a basket, even in practice.
      • I am a great believer in players improving their ability to pass the ball.
      • If the back defender stays near the basket, pass the ball to one side or the other.
      • She may opt to pass the ball out to a teammate instead of shooting it.

    • 3.3Law

      (forged banknotes) pasar
      • She was given community service after admitting passing counterfeit currency.
      • A counterfeit 10-dollar bill was found in Scott's wallet leading the prosecutor to charge him with attempting to pass fake currency.
      • One of my earlier cases was investigating a bad cheque that had been passed at a local merchant.
      • He received three concurrent sentences of four and a half years for passing bad checks.
      • When the FBI grabs him for passing counterfeit money, he cuts a deal.

  • 4

    she passed the cloth over the table pasó el trapo por la mesa
    • pass a warm iron over it pásale una plancha tibia
    • he passed his hand across his face se pasó la mano por la cara
  • 5

    (time) pasar
    to pass the time (away) pasar el rato
    • we played cards to pass the time jugamos a las cartas para pasar el rato
    • they passed many a happy hour there pasaron muchas horas felices allí
    • Without television, radio, or books, the bath was one way to pass the cold winter days.
    • The mistresses lead easy and extravagant lives by local standards, passing the time between trysts by playing mah-jong, eating out and shopping.
    • We passed the night in a shelter that let in all the rain.
    • When I was awake I passed the time by munching on bags of sweets.
    • The villagers pass the long winter nights by listening to stories.
    • The old man had moved to Mount Akum a decade ago, keeping to himself, occasionally fishing to pass the time away.
    • We'd been out sightseeing all day, and passed the evening with friends, working our way through one of those long French dinners.
  • 6

    • 6.1(succeed in)

      (exam/test) aprobar
      (test/exam) salvar Uruguay
      all our products have to pass a rigorous inspection todos nuestros productos son sometidos a una rigurosa inspección
      • it passes all the safety requirements cumple con todos los requisitos de seguridad
      • There is an intense pressure on them to be successful - to pass exams and tests.
      • If third-grade students did not pass the test, they would be retained in third grade.
      • Only a small percentage of the village pupils pass the state examination at the end of sixth grade in order to go on to high school.
      • Since pupils must pass an examination to proceed to the next standard there is a wide age range in some of the higher grades.
      • The students of a good teacher pass their course, graduate and settle down with good jobs.
      • Most soldiers go beyond the bare requirements of staying in shape to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.
      • During her personal development course, Jenny passed exams in food hygiene, health and safety and first aid.
      • Often, he says, a student will pass a state test in elementary school only to fail by seventh or eighth grade.
      • A final exam score of 70 percent is required to pass the lesson and move on to the next one.
      • This year again, the percentage of candidates who passed their final exams rose.
      • Every two years they have to take a refresher course and pass the test.
      • In college, the goal is not only to pass the course but hopefully remember some of it for the rest of your life.
      • All secondary school pupils will have to pass tests in the basics - literacy, maths and information technology.
      • The best way I have found to pass exams is simply to turn up to as many lectures as possible.
      • The inquest heard he had only recently passed his driving test.
      • All 160 boys at St Paul's School in Barnes passed all subjects with grades A * to C.
      • Applicants must pass a written test.
      • Also, many states now require students to pass an achievement test in order to graduate or be promoted.
      • Schools also have to present evidence of pupils having passed unit assessments throughout the year.
      • If pupils can't pass the modern exams, the whole system has failed completely.

    • 6.2(approve)

      (work/candidate) aprobar
      he was passed fit for military service fue declarado apto para el servicio militar
      • When the New York legislature failed to pass an emancipation law, some slaves ran away.
      • Congress quickly passed a non-binding resolution backing him.
      • Other European governments are closely watching French developments as they consider passing similar laws.
      • The motion was passed by 555 votes in favour and 4 against, 48 abstained.
      • He was passed fit to ride by the doctor on Saturday morning.
      • It is not a requirement of international law that we pass this legislation.
      • Have all administrative, legal and legislative avenues to pass a law truly been exhausted?
      • I'd like to appeal to the Florida senators to please, please pass this new bill.
      • In our system of government, he said, the legislature passes laws and then the executive interprets them.
      • If Parliament - the body that passes the laws - does not uphold the law, how can we expect the public to have faith in our courts and our lawmaking institutions?
      • I have a license with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and they have passed me fit to box.
      • The leg was put in plaster and Garth had to delay his flight home until doctors passed him fit to fly.
      • He had been put through a very rigorous test before he was passed fit.
      • Laws are passed by legislatures on the basis of necessity, rather than morality.
      • In 1969 an Act was passed which lowered the age of all voters to 18.
      • In fact, if he is passed fit to play following his ankle ligament injury, he will suffer from a serious lack of match fitness.
      • My union branch committee has unanimously passed a resolution to back all the protests.
      • He could be back in the senior squad if he is passed fit.
      • It is clear that the parties are taking positions to pass this bill in its entirety.
      • The following year he passed the Trade Disputes Act, which declared general strikes to be revolutionary and illegal.
      • The new law was passed despite opposition from the Health Ministry and medical community.
      • A few days before the full mission simulation, the medical board had passed us fit for flight.
      • Laws are passed with retrospective effect, late at night with bipartisan support and virtually no debate.
      • The Constitution was amended to eliminate the king's power to block bills passed by parliament.
      • That has been the strongest, principled position against passing the bill at this stage.
      • However, I am disappointed that we could not unanimously pass this legislation today because of Democratic obstruction.
      • Parliament is expected to pass legislation approving the Prime Minister's move early this year.

    • 6.3

      (motion/law/measure) aprobar

    • 6.4(be approved by)

      that scene will never pass the censor esa escena de ninguna manera va a pasar la censura
      • A similar bill to address the digital divide already passed the Senate unanimously.
      • The bill still has to pass the House of Lords.
      • It didn't pass committee without a fight.
      • It already has passed the Senate and the Assembly will vote on it in late-August.
      • The bill was removed from the legislature's schedule, together with other bills that failed to pass committee review.
      • That plan passed the Senate but died in the House as lawmakers wrapped up work to adjourn for the year.
      • While the voucher scheme did not pass Congress, the testing proposals passed both the House and the Senate.

  • 7

    (comment/remark) hacer
    (opinion) expresar
    to pass sentence dictar sentencia
    • Justine said that when in company some people had passed remarks such as: ‘Have you tried to kill yourself?’
    • Everyone thought they had the right to pass comment and judgement on her.
    • The last two of the accused were found guilty today and the judge announced he will pass sentence on all the defendants tomorrow.
    • Each member of this court would, it should be recorded, have passed a longer sentence for that offence.
    • Magistrates deliberated for over an hour before passing a four-month custodial sentence on the 32-year-old farmer.
    • North Yorkshire Police have said national guidelines prevent them from commenting on the case until sentence has been passed.
    • A jail term had to be passed to deter others.
    • She passed a nine years term on each of the four offences, all to run concurrently.
    • She admitted she had grave misgivings about passing such a sentence, but said she was prepared to give the defendant a chance.
    • Accordingly, he proceeded to pass the sentences of 8 years concurrent on each count.
    • He recently passed critical comments about the attitude of cotton farmers.
    • Although the verdict has been reached and sentence passed, all 13 defendants have the right of appeal.
    • In passing sentence the judge said that the appellant had an appalling record.
    • They were young guys themselves and they kept passing comments.
    • The judicial decision must be made before sentence is passed and the decision must be made obvious by the judge.
    • A judge passing sentence at Preston Crown Court told her she had been convicted on overwhelming evidence.
    • The magistrates passed sentence after reading pre-sentence reports.
    • They applauded as the judge passed a mandatory life sentence.
    • On that day the Crown invited the court to proceed to pass sentence on both defendants, and to postpone the determination of a confiscation order.
    • I was brought up not to pass remarks.
    • Pope Clement VIII demanded that Bruno be sentenced as a heretic and the Inquisition passed the death sentence on him.
    • They passed a two-month consecutive term for the assault, with a concurrent 14 days for criminal damage.
    • When the sentences were passed at York Crown Court in May 2001, he walked free because of the time he had spent in custody on remand.
    • The Court also declared that only a member of the judiciary could pass a sentence and that this was out of the remit of the Home Secretary.
    • Everything went smoothly until the judge was about to pass sentence in accordance with the plea bargain.
  • 8

    (kidney stone) expulsar
    to pass wind expulsar / expeler ventosidad formal
    • he passed blood in his urine orinó con sangre
    • This may lead to lower abdominal discomfort or backache, or may press on the bladder causing symptoms such as needing to pass urine more often than normal.
    • The patient complained of a three year history of difficulty passing urine, being able to produce only a thin trickle of urine with straining.
    • He was released without charge after seven days but his beatings were so bad that he had passed blood in his urine and had blood in his ear canals.
    • The side-effects of radiotherapy include tiredness, a burning sensation on passing urine and early menopause.
    • It affects mainly men over the age of 45 and common symptoms include a need to get up several times in the night to pass urine.
    • She was seen a week ago complaining of being sore ‘down below’ and pain on passing urine for one week.
    • He was still able to pass urine and there was no evidence of infection.
    • ‘He suffers from a bladder problem which means he has to pass urine frequently and urgently,’ he said.
    • Chlamydia can cause pain when passing urine, long-term pelvic pain and infertility.
    • It's important not to pass urine for at least four hours - and sometimes overnight - before a urine sample is taken.
    • Some people also complain of tension headaches, stomach cramps and of having to get up repeatedly at night to pass urine.
    • Catheters are thin flexible tubes which are inserted into the bladder to allow urine to be passed.
    • Fifteen per cent of both men and women got up at night to pass urine.
    • This can cause pressure on the bladder, increasing the sensation of needing to pass urine.
    • When you pass urine, the muscular wall of your bladder contracts, helping to squeeze urine out through a tube from your bladder called the urethra.
    • Caffeine and alcohol make you pass more urine or irritate your bladder and give you urgency.
    • This is simply to help relax the muscles - no urine will actually be passed.
    • Men may have a discharge, pain on passing urine or painful testicles.
    • Urinary incontinence is passing urine when you don't mean to because of partial or total loss of control of the bladder.
    • Any enlargement of the prostate (cancerous or benign) can cause problems with passing urine.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (move, travel)
    pass along the car, please córranse / pasen adelante, por favor
    • many letters passed between them se intercambiaron muchas cartas
    • the bus passes by/in front of our house el autobús pasa por casa/por la puerta de casa
    • the liquid passes down the tube el líquido baja por el tubo
    • he passed into a coma entró / cayó en coma
    • the word has passed into everyday usage la palabra ha pasado al uso común
    • her name passed into history/oblivion su nombre pasó a la historia/fue relegado al olvido
    • spring passed into summer la primavera dejó paso al verano
    • we watched until he passed out of sight nos quedamos mirando hasta que lo perdimos de vista
    • we are now passing over Washington estamos sobrevolando Washington
    • the rope passes through this ring la cuerda pasa por esta anilla
    • the car has passed through many hands el coche ha pasado por muchas manos
    • the book passed through several editions hubo varias ediciones del libro
    • the thought passed through my mind la idea (se) me pasó por la cabeza
    • the road passes under a bridge la carretera pasa por debajo de un puente
  • 2

    • 2.1(go, move past)

      I was just passing pasaba por aquí
      • they passed on the stairs se cruzaron en la escalera
      • they shall not pass ¡no pasarán!
      • his mistake passed unnoticed su error pasó desapercibido
      • I can't let that pass eso no lo puedo consentir

    • 2.2(overtake)

      rebasar Mexico
      let him pass deja que se adelante / que nos pase
      • [ S ]no passing prohibido rebasar

  • 3

    (in baseball, golf) pasar la pelota
    (in basketball, football) pasar la pelota Latin America
    (in basketball, football) pasar el balón Spain
    to pass to sb pasar(le) la pelota (or el balón etc.) a algn
  • 4

    (be transferred)
    (estate/crown/title) pasar
    to pass to sb pasar a algn
    • Co-ordination of the forests will pass to the Forestry Commission after this time and the cash will help prepare for the transition.
    • The French throne did not pass to his son, as he had hoped, but to Louis XVIII, the brother of Louis XVI.
    • As Mrs Bennet complained, it was cruel for the estate to pass to a Mr Collins ‘whom nobody cared about’.
    • This goes against the widely held belief that the disease could not pass to different species of animals.
    • If a car is not removed when requested the cost of collection is now likely to pass to the owner/owners involved.
    • The family has now decided to end its 130-year link with the house, and a duty of care will pass to the next purchasers.
    • They had no children, but it is understood that the hall will pass to another family member.
    • Both landlord and tenant have legal estates which may pass to others on sale, by way of gift or under the rules of testate or intestate succession.
    • He presumes that everything would pass to me and that I would have no Inheritance Tax liability.
    • In the second half of 2005, the EU presidency will pass to the UK.
    • The taco shop would pass to heirs untaxed, just as the vast majority of small businesses do.
    • It is well known that cells from the blood of the foetus can pass to the mother during pregnancy.
    • The problem is that when the second spouse dies their joint assets pass to the next generation minus just one inheritance tax allowance.
    • All or a portion of the cash you inherited can pass to your daughters without being treated as a gift as long as you sign a disclaimer.
    • Pigs carry a variety of viruses, and some viruses pass from pig to offspring.
    • My other brothers were well situated and had given their birth-rights up, so it would pass to me.
    • Infections have been known to pass to other athletes via both routes.
    • It was agreed in the event of either death the estate of the deceased would pass to the survivor.
    • Joyce stipulated that, in the event of Nora's death, his estate was to pass to their children.
    • If he were to die as well, then the throne would have to pass to Emmalie, his horrible little sister.
  • 5

    • 5.1(elapse)

      (time) pasar
      (time) transcurrir formal
      time passed pasó el tiempo
      • many years passed transcurrieron muchos años
      • His father passed away when Todd was only 4 and so he didn't have much memory of his dad.
      • He has been caring for his mother, Maria, now 85, since his father passed away.
      • Maybe it is just me, but somehow when I was in school, time seemed to pass more slowly.
      • The rest of the day passed slowly and uneventfully, but later that night the weather seemed to be clearing up.
      • The minutes passed slowly, for some reason no one spoke, and everyone waited.
      • Time passes slowly when we are bored or in pain; time vanishes when we are having a good time.
      • At one restaurant we went to, more than an hour passed between ordering and receiving our main courses.
      • My father, who passed away some twenty-five years ago, was one of the foremost ear, nose and throat specialists.
      • The night passed peacefully without any trouble.
      • She fell ill and within seven days passed away in her father's arms.
      • The boat starts to feel more like a prison and time passes very slowly.
      • Nathaniel's father passed away when he was only eleven, and was never around much when he was alive.
      • His father had passed away, and he was having a lot of trouble grieving and dealing with that.
      • Sadly, my father, Roy, passed away in August 2001 after a two-year battle with cancer.
      • At the age of six his father passed away leaving his mum, Helen, to bring up four young children.
      • The rest of the time passed quickly without incident.
      • After my father passed away, my sisters got married, but I told my mother I didn't want to get married so soon.
      • I was glad that there was no clock to tell me exactly how slowly the time was passing.
      • Minutes passed before the public address system crackled back into life again.
      • His life changed when his father passed away and left a him a small locksmith's workshop.
      • However, as the days passed everyone went on with their daily lives as if nothing had ever happened.
      • The next few moments passed in a blur.
      • It appears that the group has decided to go public, now that a few weeks have passed.
      • Life was difficult after her father passed away in 1946 and eventually the family farm was sold.
      • His sister and father passed away while he was in prison.
      • When his father passed away, he returned to the area to help out his mother and be near his family.
      • My father passed away but before he passed he told me to go ahead and make another movie because he could see how depressed I was.
      • A year after his family set up home again in the Highlands his father passed away suddenly.
      • After the goals the game slowed to a crawl and the minutes passed agonisingly slowly for Aberdeen.
      • His father-in-law Jimmy passed away this morning after a long illness.
      • Sadly, Lily's mother and father have passed away, so she will walk down the aisle on the arm of her brother, Philip.
      • The evening passes agonisingly slowly.
      • His father passed away about 10 years ago; the household is run by his mother.
      • The weeks passed slowly, but I never had a moments rest to think about anything.
      • Time just passes so quickly, it's unbelievable.
      • A moment of silence passed and he slowly lowered his arm, as if he had thought better of it.
      • Six months have passed, yet the public has seen little improvement in the bureaucracy.
      • A week had passed since the ball, and already Angelie was bored.
      • The play opens on the eve of Catherine's twenty-fifth birthday, just days after her father has passed away.
      • I have been in close proximity to many people of various ages and conditions as they have passed from this life.

    • 5.2(disappear)

      (feeling/pain) pasarse
      lie down until it passes acuéstate hasta que se te pase
      • Remember that half-hardy and tender plants should not be planted out until all danger of frost has passed.
      • All of them were still a little panicky, but now that the danger had passed, they were settling down.
      • They had to gather and at least confirm that the danger had passed first.
      • Once the danger has passed, the emergency services would tell people to go outside into the fresh air.
      • He knew the greatest danger had passed.
      • Traffic was backed up for miles until the fire died down and the danger of explosion passed.
      • But that sensation passes and then he realizes that his skin is his prison.
      • When all danger of frost has passed, then they can be planted out in their final location.
      • Some of these conditions are mild and will pass quickly with minimum treatment, others are more serious and need specialised care.
      • Alexander still held her arm cautiously, but he soon let go, sensing that the danger had passed.
      • The pain from the blow would pass but the pain from the word stayed with him forever.
      • Once the thrill of its discovery had passed, Peter got onto the business of exploring the place a little better.
      • After frost danger has passed, set out seedlings or plants in well-drained soil in full sun.
      • The issue has waited until well after electoral danger has passed before emerging.
      • They holed themselves up until the danger had passed.
      • When all danger of frost has passed, prune down to the firm, green area of each stem or branch.
      • The plan was to run into my room and shut the door, until all the possibility of danger had passed.
      • He announced that he believed the danger had passed.
      • The vibrant football that ushered in the start of the season has long since passed and is in danger of becoming a distant memory.
      • But geologists said if a tsunami has not been sighted within three hours local authorities could assume the danger had passed.

  • 6

    • 6.1(be acceptable)

      it's not brilliant, but it'll pass una maravilla no es, pero pasa
      • that may pass in the country, but it won't here eso estará bien en el campo, pero aquí no
      • to pass as sth pasar por algo

    • 6.2(in an exam)

      salvar Uruguay

    • 6.3(be approved)

      (bill/motion) ser aprobado

  • 7

    (decline chance to play)
    (as exclamation) ¡paso!
    I'll pass on the dessert, thanks voy a pasar del postre, gracias informal
    • Thank you for the offer, but I think I'd better pass.
    • We invited them over and they said they had to pass.
    • I had three opportunities to sell, all of which I passed on because I thought something bigger and better was coming.
    • Company after company passed because they were unsure whether to handle it as music or a book.
    • We passed on a sweet and ordered a second bottle of fizz instead.
    • Until some changes are made, I'm going to have to pass.
  • 8to pass on

    pronunciarse sobre


  • 1

    (document, permit) pase masculine
    (ticket) abono masculine
    bus/rail pass abono de autobús/tren
    • press pass pase de prensa
    • 24-hour pass permiso de 24 horas
  • 2British

    (in test, examination)
    aprobado masculine
    to get a pass sacar un aprobado
    • before noun a pass mark un aprobado
    • what's the pass mark? ¿cuál es la nota mínima para aprobar?
    • pass rate porcentaje de aprobados
  • 3

    pase masculine
    to make a pass hacer un pase
  • 4

    (sexual advance)
    to make a pass at sb insinuársele a algn
  • 5

    (state of affairs)
    things had reached such a pass that … las cosas habían llegado a tal extremo que …
    • things have come to a pretty pass hay que ver a dónde hemos llegado
  • 6

    pasada feminine
    (of conjurer) pase masculine
  • 7

    pase masculine

There are 2 main translations of pass in Spanish

: pass1pass2


paso, n.

Pronunciation /pɑːs//pæs/



  • 1

    (in hills, mountains)
    paso masculine
    • So he goes out and zooms around the mountain passes of California for a week, and I wish him a fond farewell, but I don't go on these trips with him.
    • The brothers travelled clandestinely through Iran, and crossed illegally into Turkey over a mountain pass.
    • We drove north, broken-down trucks littering the road as we travelled up to the summit of the pass through the mountain.
    • The road twisted and hairpinned and climbed, but as scary mountain passes go, it was pretty tame.
    • Rather than retrace our steps, we continued southwards, traversing the mountain down to a pass called Bwlch Tryfan.
    • The mountain pass is a difficult road to travel and it appears as though you are not apothecaries or wandering salesmen.
    • Thus, there are prayer flags, wheels, mani stones and mantras everywhere - on the terraces of housing blocks and at the most desolate of mountain passes.
    • The best hope of that will be in July and August, when the snow will melt, as much as it ever does, and the mountain passes are at their most accessible.
    • During December and January the ground was frozen hard, and even travelling to the site over mountain roads and passes proved hazardous.
    • Soon the winter weather will close in and, in the high reaches of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram ranges, the mountain passes will be closed when the temperature drops below freezing for months on end.
    • Beware of what appear to be shortcuts on maps - these often turn out to be unpaved roads or mountain passes.
    • She has breathtaking pictures of a mountain pass so high, that the clouds may be seen way down below.
    • The mountain passes are high and demanding, the climate gives extremes of weather conditions, the infrastructure is primitive and the hidden wastelands are boundless.
    • The government's weakness and Washington's fear that terrorists might set up camp in the country's mountain passes have kept it there.
    • What it is Off-road running on dirt tracks and mountain passes.
    • Police believe that Mr Johnson was trying to avoid the high mountain Alpine passes in the park, but may have been forced to attempt the route by the prevailing conditions.
    • By late afternoon they had reached the valley of the mountain pass and the south road.
    • Militants' camps have never been completely wound up and infiltration takes place after the melting of snow at the passes straddling over the mountains.
    • Snow levels will be dropping throughout the daytime tomorrow from above the mountain passes down to below the mountain passes.
    • There were more twists and turns in the BMW International Open over the flatlands of Nord-Eichenried than on the most serpentine of mountain passes.