Translation of passageway in Spanish:


pasillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpasɪdʒweɪ//ˈpæsɪdʒˌweɪ/


  • 1

    pasillo masculine
    corredor masculine
    secret passageway pasadizo secreto masculine
    • After he had gone in, she waited a few minutes before entering the narrow passageway.
    • The quickest route from Wheatfield Way to the Market Place is via two shopping centres and a narrow passageway.
    • They were backing slowly in the narrow passageway made by a bookcase and a wall.
    • There are several narrow passageways; all the structures were tied into each other, with little or no room to go to the top of them.
    • Gone were the piles of undifferentiated clutter, the narrow passageways, and the mysterious back room.
    • Streams of clear water flowed down narrow passageways, some turning into houses to serve as a bath.
    • Each had their own path and they glided on narrow passageways between each other, smiling or bowing but not impeding.
    • The only break in the stockade is a narrow passageway that zigzags up the middle.
    • They began to rub the side wall of the passageway in search for an indented area.
    • The road there is carved out of the rock near the base of deep gorges and passes through grand arches and narrow passageways.
    • He spoke of some secret passageways and rooms but didn't go into great detail.
    • It is small, with a central room surrounding by passageways with terracotta walls.
    • Next to the staircase going up to her room, there was a narrow passageway that led to a small circular room.
    • Visitors are instead corralled through a narrow passageway into the uninviting realms of the zoo shop.
    • Even the narrow passageways were clogged with piles of papers stuffed in among outworn printing presses.
    • They turned back down the hill and rode through the narrow passageway into the city.
    • The city was an astounding and eerie patchwork of room-sized caves interconnected by narrow, low passageways.
    • If she was not mistaken, there was an entrance to a secret passageway somewhere in this room.
    • There was a collapsed stairway to the bell-tower and two dark and narrow passageways out of the main chamber.
    • The fight took place at night in a narrow passageway in Barnsley.