Translation of passing in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpæsɪŋ//ˈpɑːsɪŋ/


  • 1

    (going past)
    she hailed a passing taxi llamó a un taxi que pasaba
    • Eventually she managed to flag down a passing car which took her to the Tyrls police station in the city centre.
    • The doorman flagged down a passing police car and pointed officers in the direction of Wicker Hill.
    • A passing police car was flagged down by witnesses and although the car was chased along Northway Lane it managed to escape.
    • He tailed her for some time before a passing police car scared him off.
    • Demonstrators burned tyres and hurled stones at passing police cars.
    • The sound of children excitedly running around their school playground and the drone of passing cars are the only noises that disturb the tranquillity of rural life.
    • We walked across the bridge, admiring its construction, the passing cars and the East River perilously close.
    • In fact I do forget, but then I see my reflection in a storefront window or in the window of a passing car, and I'm this man holding a box.
    • Luckily a passing police car stopped and helped.
    • Finally after hours at the knife-edge of death, he fled half-stripped, bleeding and handcuffed into the street, where he flagged down a passing police car.
    • It didn't have to compete with the background rumble of traffic, trains and industry, the blaring stereo from the passing car or even the incessant ring of mobile phones.
    • Pick your stuff up and run to the car, preferably on the passenger's side, putting the car between you and passing traffic.
    • A passing police car was alerted to the incident and arrested the teenager in minutes.
    • They hang in the trees, rest on the wires, run across the lawn in search of crumbs and dive bomb into the bushes when a passing car frightens them.
    • They looked serious: they were touting machine guns and had one of those spiked things you throw across the road when you want to puncture the tyres of passing cars.
    • In another incident an hour later a gunman got out of a blue Rover and fired at a passing car on Wellington Road, Moss Side in what police believe may have been a case of mistaken identity.
    • Theywere able to flag down a passing police car which escorted them to an area where they could park as Lisa began to deliver the baby.
    • A police spokesman said a collie was struck by a passing car as it escaped the camper van and ran away from the scene of the accident.
    • Sleeping by day was none the less a poor option, as they were persistent, and not easily convinced of your absence; your heart would race with every passing car or footstep.
    • Outside Mrs Roughley, who had been joined outside by some regulars, flagged down a passing police car.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (fad/fashion) pasajero
      (glance) rápido
      • It is only a brief passing reference but it contains a little of the evidence which was given in the Family Court on the interlocutory proceedings.
      • I was aghast and horrified at the extent of human stupidity, and chalked it up to a quickly passing fad that would be soon go the way of foot binding.
      • Most of the time that will just be a passing phase.
      • You probably see passing references to the casualties, like daily box scores-just as brief and much more brutal.
      • He made only a passing reference, though, to weapons of mass destruction.
      • So it's about three passing references in the teacher's notes?
      • She thought it was a passing phase but it didn't pass.
      • While everyone knew it was there somewhere in the foothills of life, society, the medical world and the Church seemed to give it no more than a passing glance.
      • Caught in a passing glance, Mount Athos rises in the distance and Ithaca is depicted as an alien landscape of jagged rocks before an endless horizon.
      • So one must ask, is it enough for an opposition party to merely make passing reference to the perceived wrong direction of the government of the day?
      • Guitars stretch and breathe while the bass and drums are left free to wander - typical song writing formula only gets a passing glance.
      • He does make two passing references that provide some fresh meat for those more interested in that than his comprehensive strategy for the paper.
      • A passing reference is made to the landowner's illicit, abusive relationship with Nahila's mother and her sisters.
      • For a while we chatted about operas we had seen, and so on, the occasional passing reference to life outside opera, nothing special, nothing heavy.
      • News will make only a passing reference (if that) to the bigger picture - and then probably at the end of an item.
      • The Port Huron Statement made just a passing reference condemning aid to the South Vietnamese dictatorship.
      • Hopefully a passing glance would not trigger him to do anything hasty.
      • Though it merits not even a passing reference in tax law, we all pay pain-added tax on just about everything.
      • The protesters, who are taking it in turns to sit under an umbrella beside the statue of Winston Churchill, had been attracting no more than a passing glance.
      • Intrigued by this passing reference I decided to do a little more research into the subject and in this blog I will pass on my findings about these courageous animals.

    • 2.2(casual)

      he made a passing reference to ... se refirió al pasar / de pasada a ...
      • it was only a passing thought simplemente fue algo que se me ocurrió
      • the subject was of more than passing interest to him estaba seriamente interesado en el tema


  • 1euphemistic, formal

    (of person)
    fallecimiento masculine formal
    defunción feminine formal
    (of custom) desaparición feminine formal
  • 2

    in passing al pasar
    • she mentioned it in passing lo mencionó al pasar / de pasada



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