Translation of passport in Spanish:


pasaporte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑːspɔːt//ˈpæsˌpɔrt/


  • 1

    pasaporte masculine
    passport to sth
    • passport to fame pasaporte a la fama
    • hard work is the passport to success el esfuerzo es la llave que abre las puertas del éxito
    • a degree is not an automatic passport to employment un título universitario no garantiza automáticamente un empleo
    • passport holder titular del pasaporte
    • passport office organismo que expide pasaportes
    • passport picture or (British also) photograph foto de carné
    • Two were travelling on British passports, the third on an Irish one - all believed to be false.
    • Three of the 17 had no passports and claimed that they had left their documents on the boat.
    • We learn that a new form of identification known as papelles have replaced passports, visas and the like.
    • Meziane had one false passport which he used to open bank accounts, gain employment and claim benefits.
    • They cannot even travel there because they don't have Sudanese passports.
    • Those with prior travel on public affairs passports are not eligible for this programme.
    • I now turn to the other provisions of the bill relating to our passports and travel documents.
    • There were safeguards to ensure that deportees did not travel on false passports.
    • Then there are the legal documents to deal with, such as birth certificates and passports.
    • She found two passports and other identification for Jamie, but under different names.
    • We removed a number of credit cards and other documents and articles of false identity such as false passports.
    • The visit has been delayed by India's refusal to issue a passport to one of the members.
    • The UK Passport Office is already able to issue passports containing a digital photo.
    • Unions can issue these passports to members working abroad as a tool in organising.
    • This will help people avoid travel to the regional centres to get their passports processed.
    • Most applicants apply in the morning and are able to pick up their passports and visas in the afternoon.
    • People travel on false passports and do all the things he disparages because of the plight they are in.
    • The men were found to have false passports and to be travelling under false names.
    • Smith, of no fixed address, admitted five robberies and using a fake passport.
    • Some had British passports and were entitled to come to Britain but the government did not want them.