Translation of password in Spanish:


contraseña, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑːswəːd//ˈpæsˌwərd/


  • 1

    contraseña feminine
    santo y seña masculine
    • My credit is good, I know all my secret passwords, I just live in more than one place.
    • They were a secret detective society you see, with secret meetings, and a secret badge, and passwords and codes and everything.
    • Maybe there is a secret password for obtaining double beds and I don't know as it yet.
    • The handful of people in Nairobi who have managed to buy the book used a secret Swahili password.
    • It sounded like a password and every day at lunch he followed her obediently like a dog in the café.
    • The space is playful and curious, like finding a secret hideout that you need a password to enter.
    • As if some secret password has removed the laws of gravity for a moment, this massive jet bounds skywards.
    • These partisan leagues were established as secret societies with passwords and rituals.
    • Tell children not to open the door to anyone who does not have a pre-arranged password.
    • She smiled politely and pointed to the telephones and asked me whether I had been set up with a password to use it.
    • Rising and rising, they re-enter the Fish Sauce shop where he must repeat the password.
    • He found a secret door, gave a password and proceeded to the chambers of the Boss.
    • To win a place in the final they needed to give the correct password.
    • When the minicab driver alerted the base with a secret password the man fled empty-handed.
    • She could have used a password like these kids - but now she'd be in jail.
    • Just goes to show, you should never use your husbands name as a password to administer a poll.
  • 2

    contraseña de acceso feminine
    clave de acceso feminine
    palabra de acceso feminine
    password masculine
    • The malware records passwords and keystrokes once users of infected machines visit targeted websites.
    • That cookie might store a user name and password to access a particular web site.
    • I popped open the laptop and punched in the seven passwords that would gain me entrance to my more covert files.
    • To leave a message on my computer, a password to access my computer is required.
    • Once the visitor has logged on, the site records passwords and other sensitive bank account details, which can later be used by fraudsters.
    • The same password that provides Internet access, is also used to control access to subscriber email.
    • Then one day the computer forgot the mailbox password and no one could connect to access their emails.
    • Even my little laptop has the power and ability to sniff a wireless network, and figure out passwords etc.
    • These can be used by fraudsters to work out security codes and passwords and log into customers' accounts.
    • You also call them and let them know the password so that he or she can open it on their computer.
    • When they launch a browser, a login window appears and the user name and password are used for access for the paid for period of time.
    • I had a password and access to the system in order to check arrivals at the Reception desk.
    • I tipped them off, changed their passwords again to lock him back out, and removed myself from all association.
    • Results are available through a password protected computer system.
    • Hackers frequently crack open accounts by simply running through a list of likely passwords, so choosing the obvious is foolhardy.
    • Keychain is the Mac OS ' secure password storage system, allowing passwords to be accessed through a single master code.
    • With an FTP server, you can specify the user names and passwords of the people allowed into your system.
    • Comptia recommended that computer users have different passwords for different uses.
    • Fraudsters also use key-logging software to capture passwords entered on a computer.
    • They can't say that the user must keep his password secure or his machine virus-free.