Translation of past in Spanish:


anterior, adj.

Pronunciation: /pæst//pɑːst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(former)

      (occasions/attempts) anterior
      (life) pasado
      (old) antiguo
      on past experience I should guess that ... basándome en experiencias anteriores yo diría que ...
      • she knew from past experience that ... sabía por experiencia que ...
      • in times past antaño
      • past members of the organization antiguos / exmiembros de la organización
      • prime ministers past and present antiguos y actuales primeros ministros
      • Maple Leaf Gardens has been our town square and remains a repository of our dreams and past glories.
      • Any artist who has had their past work stamped with classic status must surely find themselves in a bind.
      • But she would not have to reimburse the Government for any past benefits to which she had been entitled.
      • Forget the past performance, you now need to focus on the future and find such investments.
      • In their past nine matches they have lost seven times, and have scored just 15 times in the league all season.
      • Makinen is also a past winner, all of which will make the most arduous rally in the WRC a hot contest.
      • Mrs Taylor-Silk said the break would give the family a chance to forget about past worries and look to the future.
      • Each is accused of a past crime that they have not yet been prosecuted for.
      • The other obvious challenger is Joseba Beloki, a podium finisher in the past three Tours.
      • It is time to forget past differences and work together for the larger interest of the nation.
      • Club captain Johnson and past captain Jacobs completed six rounds of golf in a day to raise money for charity.
      • The union's offer to assist the government is completely in line with its past practices.
      • On the other hand, it is also prudent for the majority of us to learn from our past mistakes and experiences.
      • In today's Dubrovnik, you can just make out the joins where new stone has been melded with old, like the scars of a past life.
      • When I left I felt ashamed that even as a seasoned traveller I had avoided this area for fear of the past conflict.
      • However, in light of past practices, it is doubtful whether they will live up to those pledges.
      • The newly adopted Lords' amendment on smacking will inspire many parents to examine their past conduct.
      • On past experience with your Journal I don't expect this pro-blood sports letter to be printed.
      • He is a past pupil of Gortnor Abbey Convent and Anthony is now studying at GMIT Galway.
      • However they have not made any correlation between the current problem and the past accident.
      • Mr Wilson said past experiences had shown voting was often done in the initial days of polls opening.

    • 1.2(most recent)

      (month/week/year) último
      in the past few days/three years en los últimos días/tres años
      • I've been very busy these past few days he estado muy ocupado estos últimos días / últimamente
      • the events of the past week los acontecimientos de la última semana / de la semana pasada
      • for some time past desde hace tiempo
      • For the past two weeks, the Western world has seen something remarkable occur in Ukraine.
      • He has spent the past decade, and the past week, attempting to do just that.
      • Word around Wellington in the past three weeks is that Clark's staff have been panicking.
      • Listen to what the vice president had to say about the Texas governor this past week.
      • Over the past week, break-ins have taken place at Kill and also in our local church at Saleen.
      • Millions of pounds have been spent in an attempt to revive the town in the past five years and a new high school has been created.
      • This past weekend saw the season home opener on Saturday night against the Rams.
      • Michelle has been doing a lot of writing over the past year and has just signed a record deal with Mercury Records.
      • The government has spent more than eight trillion yen in failed attempts to bail the banks out over the past four years.
      • In all the grim news of the past couple of weeks the Special Olympics stood out as an example of the good that is in the world.
      • With just six hours opening yesterday, a spokesman for the store said it was probably one of the quieter days of the past month.
      • In the past two Sundays I've seen two of the best club league games I've ever enjoyed.
      • The planting has been taking place over the past two weeks, with primary school children invited to help with the work.
      • There is a long-established genre of writing about boys' public schools in the past century.
      • The school has been through a period of ups and downs over the past year.
      • The film Spark, which has been shot in Keighley over the past four weeks, is expected to go on general release next year.
      • Sully had skipped too much school the past week and a bit to go completely unnoticed.
      • Last year we were in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and some of those other places that have been in the news this past week.
      • We only went out for two months over this past summer and it was really hard on her when we broke up.
      • The price of a gallon of gas jumped to record highs this past week here in the United States.

    • 1.3(finished, gone)

      what's past is past lo pasado, pasado
      • that's all past now todo eso ha quedado atrás
      • all danger is now past ya ha pasado el peligro
      • in days long past en tiempos remotos
      • Above all the book recalls some of the village's characters from days long past.
      • Each sketch is an individual work of art and represents a historically accurate reflection of a time past.
      • What happened in Athens is now past.
      • But some argue the worst may be past.
      • He is a reminder of the site's history, a unique tie to stories and advice from times past.
      • Several of his long-time customers commented that his produce tasted better than in years past, and was keeping for longer.
      • Surely the age of bigotry is past.
      • The Conservative Party came round to him, and by October the worst of the dangers of that year were past.
      • The days are long past when we sent children up chimneys to sweep them.

  • 2

    the past tense el pasado
    • the past participle el participio pasado / pasivo
    • British imperialism is habitually referred to in the past tense, as if it had gone the way of the empire.
    • It's no secret that this was the case, but these comments were all made in the past tense.
    • We often use the past tense in English to describe an imagined present or future.
    • This is a bond of trust that football writers speak of only in the past tense.
    • Pashto has a rich agreement mechanism, but one that is manifested differently in the present and past tenses.


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    (former times)
    pasado masculine
    to live in the past vivir en el pasado
    • steam trains are a thing of the past las locomotoras de vapor han pasado a la historia
    • in the past women ... antes / antiguamente / en otros tiempos las mujeres ...
    • let's carry on as we have in the past sigamos como siempre / como antes
    • that's all in the past eso forma parte del pasado
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    (of person) pasado masculine
    (of place) historia feminine
    a city/nation without a past una ciudad/nación sin historia
    • a woman with a past una mujer con pasado
  • 3

    pasado masculine
    pretérito masculine
    the past historic el pasado histórico


  • 1

    (by the side of)
    I go past their house every morning paso por (delante de) su casa todas las mañanas
    • she walked straight past him pasó de largo por su lado
    • we drove past her shop pasamos por delante de su tienda (con el coche)
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    it's just past the school queda pasando la escuela
    • how did you get past the guard? ¿cómo hiciste para que el guardia te dejara pasar?
    • he shoved past the doorman pasó pegándole un empujón al portero
    • once we're past customs una vez que hayamos pasado la aduana
    • the second turning past the lights la segunda calle después del semáforo
  • 3British

    it's ten past six/half past two son las seis y diez/las dos y media
    • it's half/a quarter past one es la una y media/y cuarto
    • it was past eleven eran las once pasadas
    • it's long past midnight son mucho más de las doce
    • it starts at quarter past empieza a (las) y cuarto
    • the party went on till past midnight la fiesta siguió hasta después de la medianoche
    • it's past your bedtime ya deberías estar acostado
  • 4

    (older than)
    once you get past 40 ... después de los 40 ...
    • she must be past 50 debe tener más de 50
    • I'm past the age/stage when ... ya he pasado la edad/superado la etapa en que ...
  • 5

    it's past belief/endurance es increíble/intolerable
    • to be past -ing
    • those socks are past mending ya no vale la pena zurcir esos calcetines
    • they can do what they like, I'm past caring por mí que hagan lo que quieran, ya no me importa
    • I wouldn't put it past her no me extrañaría que lo hiciera
    • to be past it
    • an athlete is past it at his age a su edad un atleta está acabado
    • they think everyone over 40 is past it piensan que cualquiera que tenga más de 40 ya está para cuarteles de invierno
    • this carpet's past it esta alfombra ya está para la basura


  • 1

    (with verbs of motion)
    to fly/cycle/drive past pasar volando/en bicicleta/en coche
    • he hurried past pasó a toda prisa
    • I saw her as I walked past al pasar la vi
    • we watched the troops march past vimos desfilar a las tropas
  • 2British

    (giving time)
    it's twenty-five past son y veinticinco
    • I got there at five past llegué a y cinco
    • is it eight yet? — a few minutes past ¿son las ocho ya? — y unos minutos / pasadas