Translation of pastille in Spanish:


pastilla, n.

Pronunciation /pæˈstil//ˈpast(ə)l//ˈpastɪl/



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    pastilla feminine
    throat pastilles pastillas para la garganta
    • Is there a black market in blackcurrant pastilles?
    • Can you believe… these ants had been there eating a single orange fruit pastille for two weeks and more, been packed with my clothing; dangled on the chair and never moved until that Sunday?
    • Following recent takeovers, it has now extended its range to include wine gums, fruit pastilles, jelly beans and traditional boiled sweets, toffees and fudge.
    • It was wonderful returning home that evening to find a packet of fruit pastilles waiting for me after I had eaten my dinner.
    • Remember Pez, those pink pastilles that taste like raspberry-flavoured chalk and are dispensed straight from your favourite cartoon hero, Donald Duck's beak or Popeye's larynx?
    • You have but to clear your throat and the next day you'll be inundated with linctuses, pastilles, pills and potions…
    • She is, instantly, on the stairs, a packet of fruit pastilles in her hand, while lifting an orange one to her mouth, a pillar of certainty.
    • VocalZone, a pastille created to soothe vocal chords and relieve irritations, is available for singers, speakers, smokers and sufferers of the common cold.
    • More prosaically, he was perhaps the first advertiser to use a pretty girl to advertise a whole range of products, from soap to throat pastilles.
    • The fruit pastilles and the shortbread biscuits were eaten in Studio B12.
    • The firm began manufacturing fruit pastilles, and they were sold loose and unadvertised in 4lb wooden boxes for a penny an ounce.
    • For this reason, sucking any pastille, lozenge or boiled sweet can help to relieve a sore throat.
    • Sucking of lozenges and pastilles produces saliva which lubricates and soothes inflamed tissues and washes infecting organisms off them.
    • She received many floral tributes plus a more unusual gift - a tube of pastilles from a five-year-old York schoolboy.
    • The burner can no longer perform its original task, but it is believed that charcoal would have been placed in the bottom of the burner, with the flavoured pastilles in a tray above.
    • When all of the above has been mixed together thoroughly, fashion it into little flat pastilles, as you would pills and let them dry in the shade.
    • It'll be some days before I'm without a good supply of germicidal wet-wipes and extra-strong eucalyptus pastilles.
    • Nearly eight years after Victory in Europe, the limit on jelly babies, pastilles, liquorice, barley sugar sticks, lemonade powder and chocolate bars was finally lifted - and a nation of schoolchildren cheered.
    • The product is used as a flavouring in cookery and also for tisanes and in confectionery such as the famous pastilles à la menthe, as well as in various sweet or alcoholic beverages.
    • Hard on their heels come the Spanish with Jelly Flops, a toxic fruit pastille variant, reminiscent of the Irish Sea.