Translation of pastis in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pɑˈstis//ˈpastɪs//paˈstiːs/


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    anís que se bebe con agua
    • Roger used the time to indulge in the macho southern French pastime of sipping pastis, a strong, sweet, aniseed - flavoured spirits to which you add copious quantities of ice and cold water.
    • Choose a bar with a terrace near the old port and sit and watch the world go by as you sip a glass of pastis and soak up the sun.
    • The menu, in its black leather holder, begins with Hot Starters, with the first item being Queen Scallops Bordelaise, flambéed in pastis and served with Parmesan and oregano crisp and set on a light bordelaise sauce.
    • Pearson sipped pastis with the locals, reassuring them that the company intended to plant small ‘islands’ of vines and leave much of the natural scrubland untouched.
    • A mutual appreciation for pastis and football gets me on the guest list.
    • Even the normal Perigordine fare of duck la gras and truffles washed down with red wine and pastis has yielded in favour of Scottish food and drink in celebration of the Auld Alliance.
    • I sipped pastis and turned amber with the rocks.
    • A few old scrotes sitting around scowling at their pastis.
    • Anethole, the principal essential oil in the seeds, is what gives the flavour to drinks such as the French pastis, ouzo in Greece, and arak in Turkey; and this use has been dominant in modern times.
    • Different regions have particular apéritifs: pastis is associated with southern France, and Suze (gentian liqueur) with the Auvergne.
    • And should all of those fail, there's the local pastis, served with ice and a carafe of water, an aniseed-flavoured wonder.
    • Fennel, like liquorice, dill, tarragon, ouzo and pastis, is something you love or hate.
    • Beautiful for one pastis or more with a nice point of view on the sunshine and Mediterranean sea…
    • My friend was impressed with the authentic drink offerings - panache, monaco, diabolo and pastis.
    • We dined on a Thursday and this menu included a goat's cheese salad, and a shrimps in pastis.
    • Add the fennel seeds, pastis, wine, paste, herbs, saffron, orange peel and stock and bring to the boil.
    • Of course, ethnic charm is still a priority, which is why many buyers are drawn to accessible French towns where they can join locals playing pétanque or pastis after shopping in the market square.
    • A number of licorice - flavored liqueurs such as anisette, pastis and ouzo are made with anise seed.
    • Add some white wine, chopped onion, pastis and butter.
    • Sit outside one of the cafes with a glass of pastis and you will soon realise just why this part of France is so eternally popular.