Translation of pastrami in Spanish:


pastrami, n.

Pronunciation /paˈstrɑːmi//pəˈstrɑmi/


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    (fiambre de carne vacuna y especias) pastrami masculine
    • Zone in on those oversized sandwiches built with hot corned beef or pastrami served on soft, sturdy, seedless rye.
    • And it wanted to outfit its plants with facilities for preparing cooked meats like pastrami, corned beef, and kabobs.
    • Roggen or rye beers make suitable escorts for the highly spiced style of pastrami, fennel, or pepper riddled salami and sausage.
    • He ordered a vegetable frittata - a pie-like omelette with veggies embedded - while I had pastrami and cheese sandwich.
    • We sat at the bar (where else could you possibly want to sit?) and ordered some coffee, poached eggs with pastrami for me, poached eggs with bacon for Maxence, a bialy each and a tiny tub of cream cheese.
    • The day's specials were tomato and basil soup which we saw being served steaming, chicken jalfrezi and pastrami and Swiss toastie with relish and red onion.
    • Cured meats like bacon, corned beef, ham and pastrami contain preservatives called nitrates that have been linked to stomach and colon cancers.
    • Here we're not talking chateaubriand and Kobe steaks, but briskets of beef and hot pastrami sandwiches the size of combat boots.
    • Johnny's ‘New York’ Pizza is no more ‘New York’ than pastrami at the Waffle House.
    • You can order the three pounds of pastrami sliced or unsliced.
    • Soy foods like hot dogs, soy sausage, tempeh, and even soy pastrami are also great substitutes because they contain no saturated fat.
    • My friend had the cold Serbian appetiser, which included pastrami, parma ham, and the wonderful peppered creamed cheese.
    • So it's very satisfying when the guy who makes my coffee remembers I don't take sugar, and the butcher tells me colorful stories about neighborhood characters while he slices pastrami.
    • Lay off highly processed lunch meats such as pastrami and salami - they're full of fat, sodium and nitrates, which might increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.
    • Here Burke's true creative genius originated such staples as salmon bacon, pastrami salmon, and swordfish chops.
    • I regularly use the recipes for pastrami, smoked salmon and cured ham.
    • The deli plate was indeed made up of a selection of cured ham, pastrami, prosciutto and cheeses along with red peppers stuffed with cream cheese, a lovely strong chicken liver pâté and some sweet and chutney-ish pickled onions.
    • Their Steaming Carter Dome stacks roast turkey, pastrami, Swiss cheese and homemade cole slaw on rye.
    • Michael was completely converted by Katz's pastrami.
    • There are packages of sliced soy ‘lunch meat’ fashioned to look and taste like ham, turkey, salami and even pastrami.