Translation of pastry in Spanish:


masa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪstri//ˈpeɪstri/

nounPlural pastries

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    masa feminine
    • Spread it into the warm pastry case (or into the cold pastry, if it has been baked in advance).
    • To make the pastry, sift the flour and salt into a bowl and rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
    • Brush the pastry rim with egg or water then lay the rolled pastry on top.
    • Line a large 9-inch pie plate or flan dish with shortcrust pastry, oatmeal pastry or potato.
    • On a lightly floured surface roll the pastry into a rectangle approximately 20x13 cm.
    • It's been a stodgy, indigestible day, rather like a failed suet pastry.
    • The signature dish consists of filo pastry stuffed with haggis sitting on a sweet plum sauce.
    • This had thin, short pastry nicely dusted with icing sugar and was delicious.
    • Bake the pastry until golden brown, flattening it with a spatula if it begins to bubble during baking.
    • The knight plays along, and gulps up much of the venison pastry the hermit brought out.
    • Pour a little rose water in to fruit salads, use it to flavour thick syrups or add it to pastry and biscuit doughs, or whipped cream.
    • Put some stuffing in the middle of a piece of pastry, then a steak, and some more stuffing.
    • Nanxiang Xiaolong has its own type of special thin pastry and a delicious mixture contained in the shell.
    • It then offered several sets of instructions for using dough in cookies, pastry, bread, and the like.
    • Brush with egg mixed with water and bake in a hot oven, 200c till pastry is golden.
    • Modern recipes often call for lining the dish with pastry, so that the end result looks more like a cherry tart than a true clafoutis.
    • Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface to the thickness of a £1 coin.
    • The filling of the meat gyozza dumplings tasted like a bad Forfar bridie inside tough pastry with an old fat fryer niff to it.
    • To make the basic suet pastry, sift the flour, baking powder and salt together, then rub in the suet.
    • I'm happy enough to make pastry with vegetable oil but a crumble needs something more solid.
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    pastelito masculine
    masa feminine River Plate
    • The pudding menu changes daily to accommodate a repertoire of home-made ice creams, cakes and pastries.
    • By tradition on her name day, she would be expected to hand out gifts of cakes, sweets and pastries to villagers.
    • So how can French women put away as much ice-cream, rich pastries and steak frites as they want and yet stay so slim?
    • At the end there are pastries and strudels of the sort that would be the toast of Vienna.
    • You can even grow papayas and bananas so your pirates can have fruit pastries.
    • Various pastries, tarts, scones and slices were on display, but my willpower stayed steadfast.
    • There were separate tables for vegetables, for breads, and for a cascading display of cakes and pastries.
    • For true authenticity, finish with sweet pastries, strong coffee and lots of dancing.
    • Among the favourite snacks listed were chocolate, crisps, pastries and cakes, pies and sausage rolls.
    • A larger sister shop with pizza, gelato, pastries and more will open soon in the downtown.
    • There was a wide variety of fruits and pastries that were beautifully arranged and decorated.
    • For desserts, Canopy offers caramel custard, pastries or pudding, along with tea and coffee.
    • I also tried a coconut cream pie with a chocolate base and pastry.
    • All over Germany there are Konditorei famous for their torte and kuchen, fruit tarts and pastries.
    • Other popular desserts are pastries, milk and egg pudding, and rice pudding.
    • This week we're going to do choux pastries, chocolate mousses and other sweet things.
    • Temptations in the form of infinite variety of ice-creams and pastries were never resisted.
    • Sweet snacks might then be seen as splitting into baked snacks like biscuits or pastries vs. confections like candy.
    • On the ground floor, an array of cheeses, salamis, olive oil, fruit, nougat and pastries to die for.
    • There is a fresh fruit section, pastries, salad, sandwiches, a main entrée and a pasta bar.