Translation of patch in Spanish:


remiendo, n.

Pronunciation /pætʃ//patʃ/


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    • 1.1

      (for mending clothes) remiendo masculine
      (for mending clothes) pretarche masculine
      (for reinforcing) refuerzo masculine
      (on knee) rodillera feminine
      (on elbow) codera feminine
      (for a puncture, wound) parche masculine
      • For extra attention, select a cardigan with small pockets or leather patches on the elbows.
      • And I'm not a bald, bearded man with leather patches on the elbow, either.
      • He was allegedly carjacked by Mr. Nichols in the parking garage and you can see that he is wearing a patch over his eye from the injuries in that incident.
      • The tan blazer he was wearing had gray leather elbow patches.
      • We knew instinctively that anyone wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches was a history teacher and those wearing ponchos were over-zealous social workers.
      • The paper will wrinkle slightly; if it tears, patch it with another piece.
      • There were mended patches all over the coat and she could tell it was very old, it smelled nice though.
      • He had a slight muscular build, which was covered by a dark blue winter coat with brown leather patches on the elbows.
      • It was made of cheap leather patches haphazardly sewn together pieces of tanned hide.
      • All I need is a cheap tweed coat with leather patches at my elbows and I could be dodgy salesman of the year.
      • You sew new patches on old, fragile cloth, it will tear around the patch and make the hole bigger.
      • It's charcoal gray with light gray stitching, elbow patches and a large star patch on the front.
      • They're usually so docile, chess players, with their pasty skin, skinny necks, elbow patches and eyeglasses.
      • He wore a black patch over his left eye while his good eye, hungry with greed, stared at Hitomi in a frightening star.
      • It features a half-zip mock collar, elbow patches for durability and an extra rugged look, and a contrast trim along the inner collar, sleeves and hem.
      • But, you can still pick out a sexy patch to cover up the gaping hole in your head, which thank goodness was discovered after we dilated your eyes!
      • Also, please note my tweed coat with leather elbow patches, which cements my authenticity and invites you to share with me your innermost secrets.
      • He wears a black patch over the recently fitted plastic eye, but his dancing legs are strong.
      • If his jackets weren't wool tweed, they had patches on the elbows.
      • All were equally worn with work and dressed in shabby clothing, layered with tears and patches.
      • There were rips, tears, and dirty patches all over them.
      • Even when a propshaft has been salvaged, there are normally strengthened patches on the keel where the bearings would have been mounted.
      • He was rather plump, and wore a black patch over his right eye.
      • I'll probably put leather patches on these ones.
      • Made from a soft wool blend, it features a gray, ribbed knit finish along the cuffs, collar and waistband, with brown suede patches on the elbows.

    • 1.2eye patch

      (en el ojo) parche masculine

    • 1.3US Military

      insignia feminine
      • Following that meeting, Pershing directed all American divisions to design and wear their own distinctive shoulder patches.
      • Speaking of history, I notice the Orioles wearing 50-year anniversary patches on their sleeves.
      • How can we as soldiers place our combat patch over our country's flag?
      • Even among other service members who may wear combat patches on their right sleeves, the U.S. flag patch is always supposed to be at the top.
      • A couple of weeks later I was on the U.S. Army home page and noticed a link to unit insignia and patches.
      • I casually open the door, hoping that CAG isn't present, and if he is, that it is so dark he can't see my face or my squadron patch.
      • All plates, bowls, and flatware have the group patch superimposed over bands of Transportation Corps red and yellow along the rim.
      • First of all, the Marines do have uniforms that have Velcro patches.
      • The front of the jacket is decorated with leather patches depicting all five units involved in the Doolittle Raid.
      • Boy Scouts wear the patch on the right chest pocket of their uniform, while Girl Scouts wear the patch on the back of their sash.
      • In fact, badges or patches tended to disappear altogether, as the GI traded in his original issue field uniforms for replacements at irregular intervals.
      • A boy whose knapsack is covered in decorative patches says, ‘If there was a skate park we could go to, that would be awesome,’ his eyes lighting up.
      • Nearby lies a mission patch torn from a Nasa space suit with the seven names of the crew running along the edge of the shuttle-shaped insignia.
      • It is not a fashion statement it is a cult statement in the same way that wearing a political rosette is, or that wearing a gang patch is.
      • Walking around, you can see soldiers wearing patches from scores of units.
      • The Marines don't have all the funky badges and patches that the Army has, so they don't have the same issue.
      • Since the end of OIF II, I have seen a lot of things happen with medals and badges and patches.
      • We rely on the identification patches on there to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys.
      • The army cleverly arranged to have inserted among the legitimate insignia properly designed patches for most of the notional formations.
      • Many wore American flags in straw hats and American patches over their hearts.

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    • 2.1(area)

      test the product on a small patch of material pruebe el producto en un pequeño trozo de tela
      • she slipped on a patch of ice/oil resbaló en el hielo/en una mancha de aceite
      • there were red patches on his arms tenía manchas rojas en los brazos
      • a damp patch on the ceiling una mancha de humedad en el techo
      • I've cleaned it, but there's still a sticky patch lo he limpiado, pero todavía queda un pedazo pegajoso
      • fog patches will occur habrá zonas de niebla
      • to go through a bad / rough / sticky patch pasar por / atravesar una mala racha

    • 2.2(small plot of land)

      a vegetable patch una parcela para verduras

    • 2.3British informal (territory)

      my/his patch mi/su territorio

  • 3

    parche masculine
    patch masculine
    • Microsoft also has a software patch to fix the flaw and said users who have the Service Pack 2 security update for Windows XP are not affected.
    • One of the most common methods of doing kernel work is to use the patch and diff programs.
    • Users are strongly advised to download and install the latest software patches from Microsoft and to update their anti-virus definitions as soon as possible.
    • The loopback patch is a source code patch to the loopback driver and associated utilities.
    • By now, anyone with a Windows computer knows that hardly a week passes without a software patch / hotfix/update issued by Microsoft to fix a problem in its products.
    • The patch corrects flaws that could allow malicious users to execute code on your computer.
    • He needs to go online to download a patch to get his DSL working.
    • This is a feature in Windows that downloads the software patches automatically onto computers.
    • To apply the changes specified in the diff output, a user need only run it through the patch program.
    • Because this is an error at core programming level a patch would be hard to find for the freeware version of ZoneAlarm.
    • SE Linux is comprised of a kernel patch and patches to utility programs such as login and cron.
    • I have done that before: the linux Jumbo patches that included IDE DMA code and other kernel fixes that had been rejected initially by Linus.
    • The patch modifies this function and adds the following lines of code.
    • This format is mostly just for human patch browsing, and the patch program doesn't actually support it.
    • It's not clear when wireless LAN vendors will make available Fast Packet Keying as either a software or firmware patch.
    • CERT's advisory contains a links to patches from software distros that contain OpenSSH code and to OpenSSH project's own update.
    • Dell Computer will issue a patch to fix performance issues on some of its Axim PDAs on Wednesday, according to company officials.
    • Ensure that you have downloaded the correct patch.
    • I also assume the reader is comfortable applying source patches and compiling programs.
    • Can you give some examples of the sorts of applications that your patch can noticeably improve the performance of?

transitive verb

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    parchar Latin America
    it was patched together out of various scraps estaba hecho de retales Spain
    • he tried to patch their relationship together again intentó volver a arreglar las cosas entre ellos
    • Why waste time patching the road when they could have resurfaced it all?
    • He was not terrifying in the least in his appearance; his shirt was made of burlap and his boots were muddy and his trousers were patched.
    • The main road through Nurney, which requires repairs, has been patched.
    • Hours before the worst of Hurricane Rita ravages the Texas and Louisiana coasts, water overwhelms or overtops a newly patched levee.
    • For example, if the roofing has been patched or repaired in any way, or if the neighbors have seen workmen on the roof, that could indicate prior knowledge on the sellers' part.
    • She patched her clothing and then let Mike buy her lunch at the store.
    • The teams of engineering experts planned to drop sandbags and boulders into several large gaps that had appeared on Friday in a part of the Industrial Canal levee that had been patched after Hurricane Katrina.
    • For everyone who has read the poem knows that it's about a philosophy towards life, and not merely patching a wall.
    • His robes were patched purple silk, and across his knees he held a stick.
    • Look up, though, and you'll see just how old the buildings are, many with wobbly old tiled roofs that've been patched and propped over the years, and good for another couple of centuries with a bit of love and care.
    • A week after the mayor had to suspend his repopulation schedule, the water is being pumped, the levees being patched and the return is on.
    • The dark gray trousers were patched at the knee, while his linen shirt and wool jacket showed signs of wear and less-than-skilled repairs.
    • Even Jesus' analogy of patching an old cloak with a new piece of cloth is unfamiliar in today's world of preshrunk and synthetic materials.
    • I would think that living in a vibrant neighborhood wouldn't be all that good; you'd constantly be patching the cracks in the plaster.
    • It was no good just patching it, it would have to be done properly with good foundations.
    • The road at Deerpark, Ballymorris will be patched.
    • She finally managed to find a pair of jeans that were actually patched, albeit with a striped piece of cloth that she thought looked ridiculous, and a short sleeved green shirt that was blank on the front.
    • Traditionally, patching fabric together was about recycling.
    • He set us to work, then hauled me over and got me to help him patching a suit.
    • She was sorting through Ian's worn practice clothes and mending or patching.
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    Computing Telecommunications Radio
    • Uninstalling Easy CD Creator is wiser, though make sure you've thoroughly patched the Roxio program with all its available updates before removing it.
    • The holes have been discovered from analysis of an existing link on the Internet and a fully functional demonstration of the exploit have been produced and been shown to affect even fully patched versions of Explorer.
    • Stern tapped a few keys, patching him through to the five docked starfighters.
    • It found the Defense Department lacks a coordinated approach to ensuring that its systems are patched against the latest software vulnerabilities, and to conducting security assessments.
    • Sophos has warned users not to panic regarding a serious security vulnerability found in versions of Microsoft Windows, but to calmly ensure all computers are correctly patched.
    • Then in an ideal world we could perhaps patch this into a wireless network, so that passing geeks could genuinely play Tetris on the side of the building from their laptops.
    • The vulnerability has been confirmed on a fully patched system with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Microsoft Windows XP SP1 / SP2.
    • I made several more noises, and was not only immediately patched through to a technician who solved my problem, but I received a free copy of the software upgrade CD.
    • Maryland failed to carry out other key recommendations as well, such as patching the Windows 2000 software used on its central computer system, and installing a firewall to protect that system.
    • The secretary said in that sugary sweet voice that she was patching him through to the main office, and to hold on just a sec, hon.
    • Until this year, newly found security holes in operating systems and programs were patched before viruses and worms could be written to exploit them.
    • According to this line of thinking, disclosure should be delayed by up 30 days to give software vendors time to patch a system.
    • When a customer drives through, they'll be patched through to Grand Forks, North Dakota to place the order.
    • Many vendors include vulnerable Sendmail servers as part of their software distributions, hence the need to patch Unix and Linux systems as well as dedicated mail servers.
    • Although consumers still need to wait for the phone company to patch their line into Covad's equipment at the central office there is no other delay.
    • Keep up to date on patching your operating systems and applications.
    • The HIToolbox human interface API has been patched to prevent the VoiceOver accessibility app from reading out the contents of secure text-entry fields such as passwords.
    • But they patched me through to a disconnected line.
    • And it's up to each of us to protect our own little corner of cyberspace, by patching our software and being wary of unsolicited e-mail.
    • A number of computer bugs were patched last week.
    • Subjects covered will include advising users to maintain up-to-date anti-virus signatures, patch operating systems and use firewalls.
    • Of course, Sasser was widely known, so most companies have updated anti-virus software and have patched their systems - which is why we are doing a pen test.
    • Last year, students were given information at that point on how to patch their operating systems.
    • The dispatcher can arrange conference calls via radio or by satellite datalink if we're over the ocean, patching us through to a doctor, maintenance facility or security specialist.
    • Do you plan to release another patch before the expansion or will the expansion also patch the main program?
    • Network upgrades are an interesting way of patching an operating system and its applications.
    • The exploit was so bad that it brought the server down to its knees, and it took me over a week to write a program just to patch the problem and keep things under control.
    • Changing system configurations and patching software can eliminate a fair number of risks at little cost.