Translation of patch in Spanish:


remiendo, n.

Pronunciation /patʃ//pætʃ/


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    • 1.1

      (for mending clothes) remiendo masculine
      (for mending clothes) pretarche masculine
      (for reinforcing) refuerzo masculine
      (on knee) rodillera feminine
      (on elbow) codera feminine
      (for a puncture, wound) parche masculine
      not to be a patch on sb/sth no tener ni punto de comparación con algn/algo
      • All were equally worn with work and dressed in shabby clothing, layered with tears and patches.
      • The paper will wrinkle slightly; if it tears, patch it with another piece.
      • It was made of cheap leather patches haphazardly sewn together pieces of tanned hide.
      • Also, please note my tweed coat with leather elbow patches, which cements my authenticity and invites you to share with me your innermost secrets.
      • It features a half-zip mock collar, elbow patches for durability and an extra rugged look, and a contrast trim along the inner collar, sleeves and hem.
      • All I need is a cheap tweed coat with leather patches at my elbows and I could be dodgy salesman of the year.
      • He wore a black patch over his left eye while his good eye, hungry with greed, stared at Hitomi in a frightening star.
      • They're usually so docile, chess players, with their pasty skin, skinny necks, elbow patches and eyeglasses.
      • He was rather plump, and wore a black patch over his right eye.
      • But, you can still pick out a sexy patch to cover up the gaping hole in your head, which thank goodness was discovered after we dilated your eyes!
      • I'll probably put leather patches on these ones.
      • He wears a black patch over the recently fitted plastic eye, but his dancing legs are strong.
      • It's charcoal gray with light gray stitching, elbow patches and a large star patch on the front.
      • Even when a propshaft has been salvaged, there are normally strengthened patches on the keel where the bearings would have been mounted.
      • The tan blazer he was wearing had gray leather elbow patches.
      • He had a slight muscular build, which was covered by a dark blue winter coat with brown leather patches on the elbows.
      • Made from a soft wool blend, it features a gray, ribbed knit finish along the cuffs, collar and waistband, with brown suede patches on the elbows.
      • For extra attention, select a cardigan with small pockets or leather patches on the elbows.
      • You sew new patches on old, fragile cloth, it will tear around the patch and make the hole bigger.
      • If his jackets weren't wool tweed, they had patches on the elbows.
      • There were mended patches all over the coat and she could tell it was very old, it smelled nice though.
      • And I'm not a bald, bearded man with leather patches on the elbow, either.
      • We knew instinctively that anyone wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches was a history teacher and those wearing ponchos were over-zealous social workers.
      • There were rips, tears, and dirty patches all over them.
      • He was allegedly carjacked by Mr. Nichols in the parking garage and you can see that he is wearing a patch over his eye from the injuries in that incident.

    • 1.2eye patch

      parche masculine

      en el ojo

    • 1.3US Military

      insignia feminine
      • Since the end of OIF II, I have seen a lot of things happen with medals and badges and patches.
      • It is not a fashion statement it is a cult statement in the same way that wearing a political rosette is, or that wearing a gang patch is.
      • First of all, the Marines do have uniforms that have Velcro patches.
      • I casually open the door, hoping that CAG isn't present, and if he is, that it is so dark he can't see my face or my squadron patch.
      • The army cleverly arranged to have inserted among the legitimate insignia properly designed patches for most of the notional formations.
      • Nearby lies a mission patch torn from a Nasa space suit with the seven names of the crew running along the edge of the shuttle-shaped insignia.
      • We rely on the identification patches on there to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys.
      • Many wore American flags in straw hats and American patches over their hearts.
      • Following that meeting, Pershing directed all American divisions to design and wear their own distinctive shoulder patches.
      • Even among other service members who may wear combat patches on their right sleeves, the U.S. flag patch is always supposed to be at the top.
      • In fact, badges or patches tended to disappear altogether, as the GI traded in his original issue field uniforms for replacements at irregular intervals.
      • Walking around, you can see soldiers wearing patches from scores of units.
      • Speaking of history, I notice the Orioles wearing 50-year anniversary patches on their sleeves.
      • A couple of weeks later I was on the U.S. Army home page and noticed a link to unit insignia and patches.
      • A boy whose knapsack is covered in decorative patches says, ‘If there was a skate park we could go to, that would be awesome,’ his eyes lighting up.
      • All plates, bowls, and flatware have the group patch superimposed over bands of Transportation Corps red and yellow along the rim.
      • Boy Scouts wear the patch on the right chest pocket of their uniform, while Girl Scouts wear the patch on the back of their sash.
      • The front of the jacket is decorated with leather patches depicting all five units involved in the Doolittle Raid.
      • How can we as soldiers place our combat patch over our country's flag?
      • The Marines don't have all the funky badges and patches that the Army has, so they don't have the same issue.

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    • 2.1(area)

      test the product on a small patch of material pruebe el producto en un pequeño trozo de tela
      • she slipped on a patch of ice/oil resbaló en el hielo/en una mancha de aceite
      • there were red patches on his arms tenía manchas rojas en los brazos
      • a damp patch on the ceiling una mancha de humedad en el techo
      • I've cleaned it, but there's still a sticky patch lo he limpiado, pero todavía queda un pedazo pegajoso
      • fog patches will occur habrá zonas de niebla
      • to go through a bad / rough / sticky patch pasar por / atravesar una mala racha

    • 2.2(small plot of land)

      a vegetable patch una parcela para verduras

    • 2.3British (territory)

      my/his patch mi/su territorio

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    parche masculine
    patch masculine
    • Because this is an error at core programming level a patch would be hard to find for the freeware version of ZoneAlarm.
    • It's not clear when wireless LAN vendors will make available Fast Packet Keying as either a software or firmware patch.
    • The patch modifies this function and adds the following lines of code.
    • Microsoft also has a software patch to fix the flaw and said users who have the Service Pack 2 security update for Windows XP are not affected.
    • Dell Computer will issue a patch to fix performance issues on some of its Axim PDAs on Wednesday, according to company officials.
    • This format is mostly just for human patch browsing, and the patch program doesn't actually support it.
    • The patch corrects flaws that could allow malicious users to execute code on your computer.
    • To apply the changes specified in the diff output, a user need only run it through the patch program.
    • Ensure that you have downloaded the correct patch.
    • SE Linux is comprised of a kernel patch and patches to utility programs such as login and cron.
    • By now, anyone with a Windows computer knows that hardly a week passes without a software patch / hotfix/update issued by Microsoft to fix a problem in its products.
    • Users are strongly advised to download and install the latest software patches from Microsoft and to update their anti-virus definitions as soon as possible.
    • Can you give some examples of the sorts of applications that your patch can noticeably improve the performance of?
    • I also assume the reader is comfortable applying source patches and compiling programs.
    • He needs to go online to download a patch to get his DSL working.
    • I have done that before: the linux Jumbo patches that included IDE DMA code and other kernel fixes that had been rejected initially by Linus.
    • CERT's advisory contains a links to patches from software distros that contain OpenSSH code and to OpenSSH project's own update.
    • This is a feature in Windows that downloads the software patches automatically onto computers.
    • One of the most common methods of doing kernel work is to use the patch and diff programs.
    • The loopback patch is a source code patch to the loopback driver and associated utilities.

transitive verb

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    parchar Latin America
    it was patched together out of various scraps estaba hecho de retazos
    • he tried to patch their relationship together again intentó volver a arreglar las cosas entre ellos
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