Translation of patchwork in Spanish:


labor de retazos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpatʃwəːk//ˈpætʃˌwərk/


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    labor de retazos feminine
    • From the right-hand corner flag they pieced together a patchwork that stretched back across the field and allowed Pires to add the final flourish.
    • If nothing else, this is an honest reflection of the screenplay's patchwork texture, where unfortunately all the stitches show.
    • Fred had stitched fine patchwork quilts that covered the beds and hung on the walls of his house.
    • As early as February, I was surrounded by patchwork fields of brilliant colours that give the area from Ventimiglia to San Remo the name the Riviera of Flowers.
    • You can cut the squares into shapes for appliqués and secure the edges with an open zigzag stitch, or cut the squares into pieces and seam them into patchwork designs.
    • A small, brightly coloured patchwork ball made from pieces of multicoloured cloth.
    • The patterns lend themselves well to appliqué, quilting, patchwork, paint, texture, and collage.
    • Togneri, based in Culloden, specialises in traditional British patchwork in which geometric pieces of cloth are hand-sewn edge to edge to produce elaborate and complex designs.
    • A 350-metre-long patchwork quilt made of 1,000 cloth pieces is carrying an urgent cultural message to the Chinese.
    • Presumably it's a bit easier to staple together a jump-around party record from musical snippets found down the back of the sofa, but some of these patchwork pieces are surprisingly dark.
    • Take your large piece of fabric and patchwork square, put them right sides together and neatly sew three sides together leaving a 1/2-inch seam.
    • Somewhere in there, I decided that fabric was not for throwing away and began creating patchwork designs, sometimes piecing quilts.
    • Simon's brands work more like a patchwork quilt - each piece delicately overlapping the next - than like a jigsaw puzzle.
    • Mrs Grey is, as I write, curled up on the floor of my study in a nest of patchwork pieces.
    • Whilst historians are prone to talk of France prior to 1789 as a unified entity, it was in fact a patchwork quilt to which pieces were still being added in the eighteenth century.
    • Schools and community centres have joined together to produce a huge piece of textile art, inspired by the traditional Bengali patchwork cloth, the kantha.
    • For the girls, the colours are subtle with rainbow blocks, patchwork, topstitching, embroidery and prints in a variety of style.
    • Learn how to create a cross between a quilt and a pillow using simple patchwork designs.
    • These images were mere shreds of evidence, loosely stitched together like a patchwork quilt.
    • A most remarkable lady Lily was a genius at needlework and made the most extraordinary patchwork quilts by hand sewing.