Translation of paternal in Spanish:


paternal, adj.

Pronunciation /pəˈtərnl//pəˈtəːn(ə)l/


  • 1

    (affection/benevolence/interest) paternal
    (pride) de padre
    (inheritance/trait) paterno
    • The young mother's parents and other female relatives can equally determine paternal involvement.
    • Another measurement of paternal effort is the intensity with which the father defends his offspring.
    • Few studies examine paternal involvement among nonresident and low-income fathers.
    • Mason patted her on the arm, a strangely paternal gesture, and sauntered past her father with barely a tip of his hat.
    • His style with the crews is almost paternal, strong yet fair.
    • Needless to say, social life is charged with signs that affirm the paternal authority of those in power.
    • Support from the adolescent father's parents may be a particularly important influence on paternal involvement.
    • The father's education also may be associated with levels of paternal involvement.
    • Playing with the kids made me feel very paternal.
    • His paternal authority is a relic of his younger and stronger days.
    • How can we free ourselves from this sense of paternal authority which is both intrusive and reassuring?
    • Those students who reported high levels of paternal / father acceptance and warmth did significantly better in school.
    • These results suggest that paternal expectations motivate fathers' behavior.
    • He himself is a father and yet, despite his best efforts, his paternal instincts are weird to the extreme.
    • He's a father, and he takes his paternal responsibilities seriously.
    • He denies feeling more paternal towards the dancers these days, but owns up to " avuncular".
    • Western tradition dictated that that authority should be paternal.
    • He has to provide an authoritative, paternal perspective without being dismissive of the disparate viewpoints enclosed.
    • Through the modalities of education and support, young fathers may advance in both their level of paternal involvement and their own development.
    • I doubted that my father would but I waited anyway, just to see if I was right in my speculations about my fathers paternal instincts.
    • This item explores if expectant fathers perceived their own fathers as anxious in their paternal role.
    • Her status in law compared with an adult son still living in his father's house, under paternal authority.
    • However, her father, exercising every paternal instinct and right, ordered her out of the boat straight away.
    • There was this strange feeling inside him as he held her, almost paternal, but not quite.
    • Similar to early work in the U.S., no study on paternal involvement has been done using data collected from fathers themselves.
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    (on father's side)
    por parte de padre
    paternal grandmother abuela paterna feminine
    • paternal aunt tía por parte de padre
    • It was the fashion that the first son was named after the paternal grandfather and the second after the father and so on.
    • Her paternal grandfather settled in Singapore more than 70 years ago.
    • My paternal grandfather actually helped build the old part and then after it was built, got a job weaving and he was here all his life.
    • One of the villagers showed him an old-fangled film projector which his paternal grandfather had requisitioned to show movies to the villagers.
    • And his paternal grandfather wasn't exactly a role model, either.
    • My paternal grandfather died when my father was 3.
    • My paternal grandfather was killed three months before my father was born who in turn was killed three months before my first birthday.
    • Architecture comes naturally to him as a family profession, inherited from his paternal grandfather who was the curator of Taj Mahal and an architect.
    • This general interest evolved from my active pursuit in mapping my family's genealogy, most specifically my paternal grandfather's branch of the family.
    • Yesterday, the twins' paternal grandfather spoke of the family's anger and confusion at the treatment of the children.
    • His maternal grandparents travelled to the US from Emly, while his paternal grandfather hailed from Killoch in Co Down.
    • Max's paternal grandfather was a member of the Red Army and had to carefully hide the fact his wife's parents had been landowners.
    • I'm certain it had something to do with his paternal grandfather's three tours of duty there.
    • Seth's father, three uncles, and paternal grandfather, along with a number of cousins and subsequent generations of relatives, were carpenters.
    • Of his paternal grandfather, David, who died three years before Ian was born, he knew almost nothing, and it was to the far north that he headed in search of answers.
    • Late in life, my paternal grandfather developed Alzheimer's.
    • My paternal grandfather came over from England.
    • My parents and my mom's parents are the ones that haven't divorced - even my paternal grandfather divorced once before meeting my grandmother.
    • Iraqi Arabs have very long names, consisting of their first name, their father's name, their paternal grandfather's name, and finally their family name.
    • I used to figure that my weight was inherited from my paternal grandfather, who also was skinny.