Translation of path in Spanish:


sendero, n.

Pronunciation /pæθ//pɑːθ/


  • 1

    (track, walkway)
    sendero masculine
    senda feminine
    camino masculine
    they cleared a path through the jungle abrieron un sendero (or una senda etc.) a través de la selva
    • to stray from the path of virtue apartarse del camino de la virtud / del buen camino
    • the path to success el camino al éxito
    • Ahead we could see where the leftmost wall of the passage stopped, and the path continued alongside a great pit.
    • As Breck continued walking along the path, he came to a fork in the road.
    • We continued to walk down the manmade path until we reached the front gates of my uncle's home.
    • He sighed, his eyes downcast as he continued to walk absent-mindedly across the path.
    • They continued walking, the path getting darker and darker, until it split into two roads.
    • They continued walking down the path until they came to a clearing.
    • She became visible again, and then continued her walk down the small path.
    • Is it long walks along forested mountain paths?
    • At the south end of the island, you can visit hot thermal springs, walk on paths through peaceful ponds or relax in front of tiered water cascades.
    • I walk among palm-fringed paths, through old ramparts and walls.
    • The site is well laid out with gentle sloping paths so you can walk from the lower locks to the upper canal very easily, and watch the Wheel in operation.
    • He smiled down at her as they walked up the path, Stephen trailing behind.
    • Closing the door behind myself, I walked down the path to the sidewalk and started down the street.
    • It's been months since I was able to walk in rough country, haven't trod the farm paths over to Washford or across to the cliffs this year at all.
    • Jane scowled in disgust and stood, continuing her walk along the path, down the hillside.
    • Leslie shook her head and pulled Vivienne back onto the path to continue walking.
    • I turned around and continued to walk down the gray path.
    • He slipped his hand down and held hers almost subconsciously as they continued to walk down their makeshift path.
    • As I walked along the paths that interweave amongst the foliage I came upon something I had never seen there before.
    • Up green hills and down dirt paths, he walks alongside flag-draped coffins to support grieving families, to comfort, and to mourn.
  • 2

    (course of missile)
    trayectoria feminine
    the path of the sun el recorrido / el trayecto del sol
    • the raging waters swept away everything in their path las tempestuosas aguas arrasaron con todo a su paso
    • he stepped into the path of the oncoming vehicle se cruzó en el camino del vehículo que se acercaba
    • the bullet was deflected from its path el proyectil fue desviado de su trayectoria
    • Flight 77's path was hard to track since its transponder had been turned off.
    • Why would anyone choose to build directly in the path of a potential avalanche?
    • Homes and businesses are gone as we continue to track the hurricane's path.
    • Ranked against him are the hideous shades of the Inquisition and directly in his path is his unloving, tyrannical father, the King.
    • Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the Gulf Coast area, doing everything they can to get out of the hurricane's path.
    • Though many Montrealers enjoy proving their mettle cycling through traffic, cycling paths are available for recreational purposes.
    • They may not take a direct path, but somehow they reach their dreams.
    • This way, viewers are able to track the storm's path, along with our weather team.
    • And they are hoping to see hundreds of people who are either unemployed or fed up and looking for a change of direction in their career path.
    • It looks like it's probably going to make a direct path over that island.
    • In fact, the only way to get Papa to stop was to stand directly in his path and wave your arms up and down like Icarus diving off the cliff.
    • Because the two gamma rays are emitted simultaneously and in different directions, their paths can be traced back to locate the emitting atom precisely at the point of crossing.
    • Now green frogs, mice and other wildlife can continue their path alongside the stream.
    • The tests mimic the effect of a 40 km/h impact with a pedestrian moving laterally across the path of the car.
    • There are certainly more direct paths one can take to a career in theatre, but an unconventional one can produce unique artistic fruit.
    • The Conference Board survey suggests that strategic business management does not loom large in the career paths of security directors.
    • This nearly polar orbit is designed such that the spacecraft's orbital path moves at the same apparent rate as the Sun.
    • Put me directly in the path of the gulf stream and I won't use all that wasteful energy heating my house either.
    • The upward track of the bullet's path through the heart was evident at autopsy.
    • It came right at me, but His love so overwhelmed me that I was incapable of moving out of its path.
    • Still, it was your stupid fault; maybe next time you'll think before swinging into the path of a heavy moving object, huh?
  • 3

    (course of action)
    if you take that path … si optas por hacer eso …