Translation of pathfinder in Spanish:


explorador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpæθˌfaɪndər//ˈpɑːθfʌɪndə/


  • 1

    explorador masculine
    exploradora feminine
    she was a pathfinder in the field of genetic engineering fue una pionera en el campo de la ingeniería genética
    • The pathfinder was always looking for a better, safer route.
    • As early as 1821 the enigmatic wanderer Cleng Peerson, ‘the pathfinder of Norwegian emigration,’ traveled to America as an agent for the pioneer emigrants.
    • They will be given access to new roads to God by the pathfinders who followed their own lights and their own experience.
    • They can be described as visionaries, revolutionaries, radicals, liberals, nonconformists, outsiders, insurgents, prophets, pathfinders.
    • He defines a pathfinder as someone who has been there and knows how to operate in an environment where 20,000 bills are introduced and maybe 2,000 become law.
    • She and her husband John had been planning to act as pathfinders for the team.
    • There is no place for the self-absorbed and self-concerned in the ranks of the pathfinders.
    • Is she seen as a bit of a - well, as you said, a trailblazer, a pathfinder for women, not just in athletics, in that time?
    • We slipped and slid our way down to the trusty pathfinder.
    • Did the deputy track him using ancient Indian pathfinder techniques?
    • The pathfinder teams provided tactical ground intelligence to law enforcement aviation assets, during aerial drug sweeps.
    • As the struggle began, these pilots were the pathfinders who flew into the unknown, seeking information on how the USSR might be preparing an attack on the West.
    • The 13 councils, drawn from 88 who applied, will be pathfinders for two years.
    • They're the groundbreakers and the pathfinders.
    • It's often artists who are the pathfinders, opening up studios and galleries in run-down districts.
    • Experts and specialists on South Asia were to work as pathfinders.
    • Which way should we go, then, o exalted pathfinder?
    • The most advanced pathfinders in the ways of prayer have told of a land beyond that of communion, a land in which God and the God-seeker merge into a single, shared subjectivity.
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    avión o paracaidista que señala el objetivo a los bombarderos