Translation of pathology in Spanish:


patología, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈθɒlədʒi//pəˈθɑlədʒi/


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    patología feminine
    • Several aspects of practice and their effect on surgical pathology consultations were studied.
    • The question of what constitutes a diagnostic error in anatomic pathology should be addressed.
    • Some hospital clinical and pathology departments hold regular audits of deaths.
    • In British Columbia, pathology laboratories are required by law to report all newly diagnosed cancers to the Registry.
    • What happens to a bullet once it is turned over to the pathology department?
    • The learning objectives include those related both to general computing and to pathology informatics specifically.
    • The field of forensic pathology investigates sudden, unnatural, unexplained, or violent deaths.
    • With slight modification, the questions are organized here into 15 topic categories within pathology informatics.
    • The tissue specimens were interpreted by the pathology departments of the respective participating centers.
    • The hacker gained initial access through a Linux system in the hospital's pathology department.
    • The provision of perinatal and paediatric pathology services is a sign of an enlightened society.
    • He received many awards and prizes and was president of five medical societies of pathology and ophthalmology.
    • In paragraph 1 he gives details of his experience in forensic medicine and pathology.
    • Experts in anaesthesiology, pathology, gynaecology and radiology are particularly in demand.
    • Formaldehyde is used widely as a tissue preservative in pathology laboratories and embalming services.
    • Science itself was a new, fragile discipline at this time: experimental physiology, pathology, and pharmacology first flourished in Berlin and Paris in the 1820s.
    • An understanding of the traditional photographic work flow in anatomic pathology is essential to designing a successful digital imaging solution.
    • The last part of the book recognizes the increasing importance of molecular pathology and genetics.
    • Six anatomic pathology reports were selected to cover a range of specimens and complexity.
    • The instinctive personal preference and familiarity with formalin is an important factor in diagnostic surgical pathology.