Translation of patience in Spanish:


paciencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪʃəns//ˈpeɪʃ(ə)ns/


  • 1

    paciencia feminine
    I lost my patience perdí la paciencia
    • my patience is wearing thin/is exhausted se me está acabando / agotando/se me ha acabado / agotado la paciencia
    • I've no patience with people like that con gente así yo no tengo paciencia
    • patience is a virtue la paciencia es la madre de la ciencia
    • His tribulations at a sport at which he previously naturally excelled would have tried the patience of a saint.
    • For the remaining failures, I can only ask a reader's patience and forgiveness.
    • He has good patience at the plate for someone so inexperienced.
    • Do you really want to put your patience to the limit?
    • But his patience paid off, in the end, as it always did.
    • "Just spit it out, " I commanded, feeling my patience grow thin.
    • They are a point back and had to exercise extreme patience against their visitors.
    • I was beginning to lose the little patience that I had left.
    • In my experience foreigners have no patience with this sort of thinking.
    • I made a third phone call a few days later, but their patience with me was obviously running out.
    • Our local general practitioners have shown great patience and understanding when treating my son for minor ailments.
    • Sometimes this fact requires great patience on the part of people.
    • He is a decent hitter, has great patience at the plate and is defensively solid.
    • He demonstrated extraordinary patience as he posed for photographs and autographed all sorts of items.
    • Each novel rewards the reader's patience, but in unexpected ways.
    • Eventually her patience paid off, and she was hired on as a professor.
    • My fingers played with my pulled up brown hair as my patience wore thin.
    • Sometimes, to make a point, you have to stretch their patience to the limit.
    • Without their knowledge - and infinite patience - this story would not have happened.
    • His first season here, though, would have tested the patience of a saint.
  • 2British

    solitario masculine
    to play patience hacer solitarios
    • a game of patience un solitario
    • One sister has already nabbed the food and cards, and is sitting playing patience.