Translation of patina in Spanish:


pátina, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈtinə//ˈpatɪnə/


  • 1

    (on metal)
    pátina feminine
    • His experimental nature has not diminished and continues to explore in bronze casting and developing patina.
    • A bright copper skin will gradually oxidize to a green patina that will blend into surrounding nature.
    • Highlights on aging water pipes suggested an aquamarine-hued patina, which supplants the festive polychromy of Scott's earlier kinetic works.
    • It contains a small amount of copper and acquires a patina that resists corrosion.
    • They'd cast it in a rough mix of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so that the rust and patinas of decay would be reproduced quickly.
    • Poised along the stream are a pair of coyote sculptures cut from sheet metal and allowed to develop a rusty patina.
    • Most of the scratchy lines and squiggles visible here are the green patina of oxidized bronze, not a part of the original coin as cast.
    • A dark bronze with minimal patina, the sculpture itself is massive but subtle.
    • In sulfurous atmospheres, a brown patina may be produced.
    • The likeness of the poet and the bench he sits upon are cast in bronze which has acquired a fine and appropriately green patina.
    • Hand rubbing develops patina on silver which adds to its beauty.
    • Steel will eventually rust, but that just adds an appealing patina.
    • Old pewter develops a patina or film of thin oxide which is difficult to replicate, and this type of oxidation is one of the things collectors look for to confirm age.
    • However, the statue has been there for many years and over time has developed a patina which is characteristic of bronze.
    • The other small works have a lighter green patina, often streaky, as if they had been exposed to the elements.
    • Over time, the copper acquires an attractive patina.
    • By and large, people prefer their copper and brass polished, so some evidence of age, offered by the patina which is so helpful in identifying genuinely old articles of pewter, is not always available for copper and brass.
    • Uprights are one-inch copper pipes which will weather to a blue green patina to match the trim color of the house.
    • Four of the heads wear masks of applied gold-leaf, and it gleams strangely over the green patina of the ancient bronze.
    • It is also non-magnetic, resists wear, and forms a green patina which makes it resistant to corrosion.
  • 2literary, formal

    (of age)
    pátina feminine literary
    • Europeans, meanwhile, despite the patina of ancient castles and old concertos, have become unmoored from their roots.
    • Her body once again shone with a patina of emotion.
    • The stone house, which has the patina of a much older place, like a Roman ruin, opens into a courtyard where students paint.
    • For some time, he seems to have been growing dissatisfied with the gradualist, uniformitarian patina which had grown to encrust evolutionary theory.
    • The series is tinged with that otherworldly patina that makes anime special.
    • It only appears here to give a misleading patina of bilingualism to my blog.
    • Do you think the Academy is really hip to how great Gosford Park is, or do they just like it's patina of British upper-crust respectability?
    • Early this year, when it became clear that among the fallout from the tech-stock bust would be a global downturn, the dollar acquired the patina of a safe-haven currency.
    • And just to add the patina of respectability, we put in a blackcurrant bush.
    • Recycled materials add a rustic patina throughout the home.
    • The man is art history now and the work, with the patina of age and importance, is beyond the critical comprehension of us mere mortals.
    • There were no real hard hedges to it, but a kind of luxurious patina that drew the listener into his unique world as if by stealth.
    • Now attractively aged and peeling, it has acquired a patina of genuine London urban angst.
    • He married their sister, Elizabeth of York, to add the patina of a blood right.
    • And, therefore, it gains the sort of magical patina after a while.
    • The shape of things as you change your viewing angle now carries the patina of meaning.
    • ‘The whole idea of having glitzy costumes with a patina of the old Las Vegas showgirl style really interested me,’ he says.
    • Although new, this kitchen achieves the comfortable patina of age, thanks to the use of rich colors and a variety of finishes.
    • The buildings, like the bridge, will weather and change over time and gradually acquire the patina of use and common history.
    • Over the generations it's acquired a patina of legend, and in a world of the instantaneous that has an attraction.