Translation of patriarchal in Spanish:


patriarcal, adj.

Pronunciation /peɪtrɪˈɑːk(ə)l//ˌpeɪtriˈɑrk(ə)l/


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    • His role has been more patriarchal, in the family context.
    • They were written in a highly patriarchal society where masculine domination was the norm.
    • When they become guerrillas the women set themselves free from patriarchal bonds.
    • In a patriarchal society men fear independent autonomous women.
    • She has totally internalised patriarchal values that are common to our society.
    • A feminist might see it as an instrument of patriarchal oppression.
    • Coming from a patriarchal society, the responses to such questionnaires are interesting, if not very surprising.
    • In this sense the representations of motherhood potentially extend far beyond patriarchal ideology.
    • I believe that a rigidly Patriarchal culture cannot tolerate the empowered creative voice of Women.
    • Recognition that the power structure is also patriarchal helps to explain much of the resistance.
    • Funny, I think, how all this is going down without any kind of patriarchal supervision.
    • Despite his living in a rigidly patriarchal society his strongest and most memorable characters are all female.
    • Not to mention any number of grouchy patriarchal husbands and avid sugar daddies.
    • For decades, international development agencies skirted gender issues in highly patriarchal societies.
    • I am also conscious of my identity as a writer within a patriarchal culture.
    • Parents enjoy a patriarchal status and the father claims the best chair near the fire.
    • She then received patriarchal permission to pursue kinship with offspring of creditable lineage!
    • Like so many other women caught in war zones, these women are victims of a violently eroding patriarchal system.
    • Big farmers in the area come from a strongly patriarchal and feudal background.
    • In short, patriarchal society values masculine gender roles only when they are performed by males.
    • Her mother wants to be sympathetic, yet as a representative of her father's patriarchal power, she can only follow the script laid out for her.
    • As such, it allows for changing and evolving structures that exist outside of the patriarchal power system.
    • She has rejected the patriarchal society and a traditional marriage.
    • Our family was a traditional patriarchal family, with my Dad at the helm.
    • Previously, all western religions, even the masons, had been rigidly patriarchal.
    • Patriarchal social structure, along with its other harms, fuels population increases.
    • Rules such as these may be acquired during childhood and may reflect the patriarchal values of society.
    • All the sampled groups clearly exhibit patriarchal structures, including those relevant to marriage.