Translation of patriotic in Spanish:


patriótico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌpeɪtriˈɑdɪk//patrɪˈɒtɪk//peɪtrɪˈɒtɪk/


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    • The craze has swept the country, with patriotic motorists showing their support for the team.
    • Intensely patriotic, that kind of recognition means a good deal to him.
    • It is a speech full of high-minded expressions of patriotic responsibility.
    • This was first evident at a patriotic rally organised by government in support of the idea.
    • His reasons for embracing the Falklands were more pragmatic than patriotic.
    • Many students seem patriotic, expecting their nation to stand for good in the world.
    • What was more we were at war and were fervently patriotic supporters of King and Country.
    • For 40 years, he has worn his patriotic devotion to Scotland tattooed on his other arm.
    • Behind her hangs an aptly patriotic map of the United Provinces of Holland.
    • I was and still am a very patriotic and loyal subject to the crown and to the services of this country.
    • What you see is what he is: a passionate, patriotic American with a liking for straight talking.
    • They don't see that the fiercely patriotic Indian army is as brave and committed as any army.
    • Then it became our patriotic duty to see such films, and some of them were good.
    • Her husband had no choice but to agree with that most patriotic of statements.
    • It was not an aggressive or threatening sentiment, but it was rationally patriotic.
    • The fact that it eventually settled for patriotic loyalism could not be taken for granted.
    • For instance, on the home front, there is still an extraordinary absence of patriotic display.
    • The whole apparatus of the state was geared to fighting a national and patriotic war.
    • It was the wise and patriotic guidance of the old families which forged Scotland's cultural image.
    • Flags and patriotic songs are antidotes to the depression that has descended on the nation.