Translation of patrol car in Spanish:

patrol car

coche patrulla, n.


  • 1

    coche patrulla masculine
    patrullero masculine River Plate
    auto patrulla masculine Chile
    • Two officers arrived at the scene in a patrol car almost immediately.
    • Police in a highway patrol car saw two men running away and took them to the police station for questioning.
    • Television images showed young men surrounding a police patrol car and slamming bricks into it from close range.
    • One of the neighbours must have called the police, because just as I stuck my head out of my bedroom window, a police patrol car pulled up.
    • Police officers arrived at the scene almost immediately as a patrol car was on a ramp just yards from where the accident happened.
    • It is now commonplace to drive for hundreds of miles without seeing a police patrol car, and I believe that that is a very bad thing for road safety.
    • Robert and Brendan were picked up by a passing police patrol car.
    • Police who disturbed a pair of burglars had their patrol car rammed three times as the men tried to get away, a court heard.
    • A Garda patrol car, which was in the area, was at the scene in minutes and caught the gunman as he tried to run from the scene.
    • Most significantly, the student went across to a police patrol car in the vicinity to report the incident.
    • He was seen by a police patrol car but the teenager refused to stop and sped away from the officers.
    • Two police officers were also on hand in a patrol car parked next to the jet.
    • The policemen were in a patrol car parked at the traffic lights in Abbey Street when they heard glass smashing due to the heat of the fire.
    • The Gardaí returned to their patrol car, called for back up and then gave chase.
    • When the firecrew called in Police support the PSNI patrol car came under attack as well.
    • They had already robbed a filling station and rammed a Garda patrol car before the single vehicle accident.
    • While the police officer ducked into his patrol car, Finn considered making a run for it.
    • Police officers in a patrol car saw the incident and ordered him to stop.
    • The Garda patrol car went back to the area to seek out those responsible.
    • You just ride in your patrol car around the streets of Phoenix looking to see if there is any trouble!