Translation of pattern in Spanish:


diseño, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpædərn//ˈpat(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(decoration)

      diseño masculine
      dibujo masculine
      (on fabric) diseño masculine
      (on fabric) estampado masculine
      a floral pattern un motivo / diseño floral
      • a geometric pattern un dibujo geométrico
      • the waves left ripple patterns in the sand las olas dibujaron ondas en la arena
      • the pattern repeats every two feet el dibujo se repite cada dos pies
      • Pipe some frosting in a decorative pattern on top of each and set aside.
      • It can be rustic or traditional, with decorative tops, patterns, curves and arches adding to the fence design.
      • A fairly normal vase, the kind one would buy at the market: blue with swirly patterns, depicting some pastoral scene in creamy colours.
      • Symmetric and geometric designs are the most common features of Belarusan decorative patterns.
      • The fabric is baby blue with a pattern of assorted donuts.
      • She picked up a pair of scissors at the age of eight and started cutting traditional decorative patterns - common practice among country women.
      • Clothing is made of cloth that repeats thousands of tiny patterns, with decorations such as silver hoops added.
      • A long sword hung from his belt, which was covered with various decorative patterns.
      • These aspects then become ornamented with Islamic-inspired decorative patterns and Islamic cultural artifacts.
      • Decorative patterns, repetition, alternation and progression were reviewed at this point.
      • One strategy he often employed was to create repeating patterns of interlocking figures.
      • The motifs shared by the petroglyphic art include circles, cruciform shapes, star motifs and herringbone patterns.
      • It featured exuberant decorative patterns, designs in the brickwork and wooden attachments.
      • The two posts on each side are filled with decorative, abstract patterns.
      • Support columns for the bridge will feature textured cast stone, with a cast concrete inset stamped with decorative patterns of prairie grasses.
      • Blocks of colour work better than patterns and neat tailoring works better than layers.
      • Included are geometrics, florals and foliates, animals and nature motifs and other decorative repeat patterns.
      • Using a pastry brush, paint a decorative pattern on the inside of each cantaloupe with the green chocolate.
      • Arabic inscriptions appear on most types of decorative patterns except those with representations of people.
      • Bricks, slabs and decking can be laid in patterns for decorative effect.

    • 1.2(order, arrangement)

      it follows the normal pattern sigue las pautas normales
      • to set the pattern marcar las pautas
      • patterns of consumption hábitos de consumo
      • behavior pattern patrón conductual / de conducta
      • languages with similar syntax patterns idiomas con estructuras sintácticas similares
      • a pattern is beginning to emerge se están empezando a notar ciertas pautas regulares
      • the familiar pattern of events repeated itself volvió a repetirse la historia de siempre

  • 2

    • 2.1(model)

      modelo feminine
      • Using a T-shirt and an A-line skirt as guides, make paper patterns.
      • Using your pattern, the cloth is then cut and trimmed, along with the finest linings and silks available.

    • 2.2(in dressmaking)

      patrón masculine
      molde masculine Southern Cone

    • 2.3(sample)

      muestra feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to pattern sth on sth
    • the constitution was patterned on the American one la constitución fue redactada tomando como modelo la de los Estados Unidos
    • their legal system is patterned on the Napoleonic Code su sistema legal está basado en el código napoleónico