Translation of paw in Spanish:


pata, n.

Pronunciation /pɔ//pɔː/


  • 1

    pata feminine
    (claw of lion, tiger) garra feminine
    (claw of lion, tiger) zarpa feminine
    • Ian remembered him best lying in his basket beneath the kitchen table, paws clawing sleepily at his pale blue blanket.
    • An irritant was injected into the left hind paw of the pups to induce swelling.
    • The animal left a large paw print in mud near houses at Beaumont Chase yesterday afternoon.
    • The cat looked up from its toys and stretched out its paws to claw at the ragged arm of an old chair.
    • Once, I heard something scuffling inside one of the forbidden rooms, as if a cat or other animal was scratching their paws over the walls.
    • After the terrier cornered the rat, all Padlin saw was a commotion of claws, paws, and teeth.
    • With a grimace, Olivia glares down at her suit jacket, rubbing the wet paw marks.
    • The dog had placed both front paws on her shoulders, knocking her down onto the grass of Hamilton Park.
    • Access to water is always recommended, as is staying off the asphalt, which can burn an animal's paws.
    • The river has chiselled the mountain face, making it resemble a lion's paw.
    • Nontoxic ink was applied to the front and hind paws of each animal to allow for later analysis of locomotor activity.
    • The feet of the throne are modeled after large catlike paws without claws.
    • A white cat with bright eyes was curled upon the doorstep, meticulously licking its little paws.
    • The mastiff began licking its paw, not taking its eyes from us.
    • I picked her up and, sure enough, all four paws were wet.
    • Poachers also sell bear paws as food and fur for clothing or rugs.
    • The bear's expression darkened as he grumpily stood up on all four paws.
    • The pads on the lions' paws make very comfortable velvet cushions for them to rest their heads on.
    • She strode up to the cat's right front paw, and began to stroke it.
    • Suddenly he sat down and started licking his paws, a portrait of innocence.
  • 2informal, derogatory

    manaza feminine informal derogatory
    zarpa feminine informal derogatory
    • The filthy maggot has his paws all over her prized weapon!
    • Her paws were tied palm to palm, with not only a rope around her wrist, but with string binding finger to finger as well.
    • 'Get your filthy paws off her,' I think as anger sweeps through my body but it is shortly replaced with a desire.
    • You opened up the fridge and pulled out every piece of meat you can get your little paws on.
    • Don't just read a recipe book, read as many books as you can get your grubby paws on.
    • Jimmy dropped his rifle and held his paws over his ears as he rolled around on the grass.
    • At once he stepped forward to proffer his filthy paw.
    • He wanted to pluck it from the man's paw - he even pictured himself doing it - but his limbs refused to propel him towards it.
    • Want to stop boosters from getting their greasy, grubby paws on the game?
    • Get your filthy little paws on CD-ROMs featuring these sirens of British media culture.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (animal) tocar con la pata
    to paw the ground piafar
    • She fell backwards, laughing hysterically as the kittens pawed at her nose and tugged on her hair.
    • Mesa cringed, as the strong creature pawed the water and rocks nervously.
    • Juno looked around and saw that Riddle was right, for the two horses were pawing at the ground in agitation.
    • The horse snorted, pawing the loosely packed dirt in the stable aisle.
    • Jonah saw several of the creatures pawing at the air and shaking their heads.
    • Two fine, brown horses anxiously pawed at the cobblestone as Julius lent his hand to help me in.
    • The glorious creature pawed the ground with it's silver hooves and snorted deep of the cold air.
    • A magnificent white stallion reared, hooves pawing at the air as it tossed its brilliant white mane and landed gently on the grass beneath its feet.
    • The bull pawed the ground and tossed his mighty horns.
    • Silverwing looked away, her hooves pawing nervously at the ground.
    • She faced it as it began to paw at the ground and lower its head to charge.
    • Kat peaked through her closed eye lids to see a little black kitten pawing at her feet.
    • She reared, pawing at the air, and slammed her hooves to earth, panting.
    • Her whole body is shaking in anger, and reminds me of a bull pawing the ground before it charges.
    • The kitten merely pawed at his chest, trying to find the source of the rumbling.
    • The blood bay stallion was pawing through the snow to the little thatches of dead grass below.
    • The units are smoothly animated both in combat and when just standing around, as horses paw the ground and archers play with their bows.
    • Horses pawed the ground anxiously as the warriors gathered.
    • He looked about through the chilled air, pawing at the moist earth beneath him.
  • 2derogatory

    (person) manosear derogatory
    (person) toquetear derogatory
    • He was pawing playfully with one of her dangly earrings.
    • I didn't stop pawing through my bag in search of Kleenex but looked up from my seat on the bench.
    • Yes, I'm aware they are online but I like to go in and paw the merchandise.
    • I wasn't about to let people go around pawing a holy artifact like it was just any old piece of junk.
    • This morning I was pawing through my jumbled collection of socks, looking for a match to an olive one I had already plucked from the drawer.
    • Kassa sat on the sofa nervously twiddling her thumbs; Vlad sat beside her lazily pawing her hair.
    • I was slowly going mad with joy and trying my best to keep looking normal, pawing a CD every now and then.
    • She zipped open the duffel bag, pawing through it.
    • I wander round looking like a lost child pawing things for a while, and then panic and pick up something which neither fits nor suits me.
    • Now all three of my best friends are pawing through my underwear.
    • Desdemona locks it, then begins pawing the mirror.
    • We drive into town quick for something and return to find neighbors pawing through the stuff, thinking it was a yard sale.
    • I wanted something aggressive; I began pawing through my CDs.
    • Left alone for a moment in her room, I quickly pawed through the perfume bottles on her glass-and-gilt vanity tray, eager to see what the other half was spritzing.
    • We killed time here and there, and I found myself in a store pawing through the sale shirts.
    • Little grubby children rushed past her, pawing her dress, of which they had never seen such quality.
    • I'm there often, greedily pawing their goods, and adding things constantly to my wish list.
    • She was pawing at the camera and seemed oblivious to it all.
    • Back at my desk, I slowly pawed through all of my belongings.
    • Before I left the house today, I pawed through a box for some old unused show prep from the Diner days.