Translation of pay back in Spanish:

pay back

devolver, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (money) devolver
    (money) reintegrar formal
    (money) regresar Southern Cone Latin America
    (loan/mortgage) pagar
    when are they going to pay us back? ¿cuándo nos van a regresar el dinero? Southern Cone Latin America
    • to pay sb back for sth
    • I must pay her back for the meal tengo que devolverle el dinero de la comida
    • how can I pay you back for your kindness/this favor? ¿cómo puedo retribuir tu amabilidad/pagarte este favor?
  • 2

    (take revenge on)
    I'll pay you back (one day)! ¡ya me las cobraré / me vengaré!