Translation of payback in Spanish:


recuperación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpeɪˌbæk//ˈpeɪbak/


  • 1

    (on investment)
    recuperación feminine
    • Thus, I believe the monthly wage bill contributes just as much to their problems as the payback on investment.
    • That was payback for the investment, but playing in Scotland, those costs were unsustainable.
    • He adds that cost savings of such solutions have very fast payback times.
    • There is considerable payback to optimizing the cost and performance of storing data.
    • Here's a case where doing the right thing also has an immediate financial payback.
    • For example, replacing an older chiller with a new, more efficient model will offer a fairly quick payback.
    • The payback for investing in local ad equipment and sales comes within eight to nine months.
    • The energy payback was calculated at 24 percent annual return on investment.
    • Life-cycle cost analyses show a payback on these capital investments of less than 14 years.
    • It's also payback time for the investment that has gone into the vessel.
    • Give things time to show payback or return on your initial investment.
    • When rebates and operating cost savings are added in, payback can often be very respectable.
    • The end result is a more scalable solution that can deliver rapid payback and greater carrier profitability.
    • She declines to discuss return on investment, but insists payback will come.
    • Businesses often look for a two to three-year payback on capital investments.
    • This is the auto industry's insistence on extremely short payback times for any new IT proposals.
    • The reasoning was that higher cost deserved higher payback.
    • Studies have shown education to be the best investment any government can make in terms of long term payback.
    • The free market is not interested in new technologies if there is no obvious payback.
    • It is easy to calculate cost and payback, and it is easy to manage.
  • 2

    venganza feminine
    • It was suppose to be payback for the defeat he, Rich and Kevin suffered yesterday on the volleyball court.
    • They revel in paybacks for the rest of their enemies' lives.
    • Control over these smaller mines remains in many cases, almost non-existent due to local corruption and paybacks from officials.
    • Those were paybacks for when they dropped the wide-open ones along the sideline.
    • It's payback time for the excesses of chief executive officers.
    • That was when I got the payback for my shameless, self-indulgent comfort-fest.
    • I don't think you can argue that they were consciously thinking of it as a payback for what Australia did.
    • That was payback for the time he tried to glue my arm to the desk.
    • This was payback for totally dropping the ball on the trail departure.
    • So I figured he deserved some payback, just enough to make a fool of himself.
    • This was payback for the last day she'd been trying to talk to him.
    • From one perspective, she could see it as payback for what Tess had stolen.
    • And I grinned, laughing at having him in a tight spot - it was payback, he deserved it.
    • But the payback will have been so long coming, and so uncertain, that it can't have been much of a motivation.
    • His so-called friend took the opportunity to snatch away the telescope, and hit Cass with it as payback.
    • She rather enjoyed embarrassing him; it was a kind of payback for all the times she had felt like a fool in his presence.
    • I don't think she'll do it, but the dare was good enough payback.
    • No, I think the analysis of this is kind of a little bit of a payback for the exaggerated notion of a lame duck.
    • So anyways I guess this is some sort of payback or something.
    • His whole idea of payback worked because clearly Arianne was jealous.