Translation of payee in Spanish:


beneficiario, n.

Pronunciation /peɪˈi//peɪˈiː/


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    beneficiario masculine
    beneficiaria feminine
    • Disbursements schedules show names of payees, and date and purpose of payments.
    • Whether it can reclaim the moneys from the payee is a different matter.
    • She investigated the matter further, and discovered that she hadn't written the payee in on the cheque.
    • Donations can be made through an account payee cheque.
    • On the other hand, there were dispositions of the company's money between the company and the payees of the cheques.
    • Representative payees helped respondents manage money and pay rent in a timely fashion.
    • Then PayPal charges your credit card and notifies the payee via email about your payment.
    • One must allocate any tax cut to the biggest payees, to have any impact.
    • When payments were made by cheque, the thing in action represented by the cheque belonged to the payee not the drawer.
    • As well, some of the cash was used to cover an overdraft of the company in the amount of $2,102.34 and the rest was paid by way of two cheques to undisclosed payees.
    • The customer complained to the ombudsman last year after sending a cheque, which named him as the payee but was uncrossed, to his bank.
    • Therefore the recipient and the payee were obscured.
    • There were 26 cheques made out to a range of payees, none of whom received that money and the record on the stubs differed to the payee on the cheque.
    • The tax treatment of assets received by an alternate payee is determined by the relationship of the alternate payee to the participant.
    • Everything was tailored to fit the amount and payee of the cheque.
    • When a refund cheque is presented to a bank, the bank will cross-check the name and identity details of the payee on the cheque against the bank's own record on the account holder.
    • Thirty seven percent of these public servants belong to a union and their defined benefit plans are an obligation of the payee by law.
    • In not one of these aforementioned cases did the payee admit one ounce of guilt!
    • Your bank's site will walk you through the steps of registering the accounts you wish to pay bills from and the payee accounts you wish to send money to.
    • He left the payee line of the cheque blank.