Translation of paying guest in Spanish:

paying guest

huésped de pago, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈpeɪɪŋ ɡɛst/


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    huésped de pago feminine
    • The following day its first paying guests arrived, only to find that the huge project was not finished and they were given a complimentary stay.
    • However, now though, there is an official Las Vegas lounge where more paying guests should be able to catch a little more than just a glimpse of the action.
    • Their long-held, worldwide reputations as top-quality tests are surely enough to guarantee paying guests.
    • Would you be interested in having a French student as a paying guest for two weeks at any time of the year.
    • Housing societies are increasingly intolerant of paying guests, male or female, because they do not get a share of the huge rents levied by landlords.
    • Only paying guests and friends of the government can pick it up.
    • The other wing has five bedrooms, three of which have been redecorated ready to receive guests - paying guests, that is.
    • And this she plans to do by opening the castle to paying guests and offering function facilities.
    • Not bad, considering she only opened Pickle Farm to paying guests three years ago.
    • Are you still going to open the house up to paying guests now that you know about the antiques?
    • What I do not and will not understand is why this missing shower head was left to be discovered by me, a paying guest.
    • The hacienda hotels exude atmosphere and colonial class, and the new lords of the manor are paying guests.
    • But Rebecca revealed she is not keen on the shooting season, when endless hordes of paying guests stay at the house.
    • At lighthouses from California to Alaska, a number of former keepers' homes now take in paying guests to generate income for their continued preservation.
    • Most recently used as a home by the Duke's grandson, the tower was restored earlier this year to prepare it for paying guests.
    • They were swimming and sunbathing on a private island which only admitted paying guests.
    • A lot has changed since the first paying guests - hunters arrived at the makeshift camp of just two tents in 1985.
    • Things, however, change with a paying guest moving into her house.
    • Colebrooke Park is not a hotel but a family home: you stay in the house as paying guests.
    • The others had to stay in hotels or as paying guests.