Translation of peaceable in Spanish:


amante de la paz, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpiːsəb(ə)l//ˈpisəb(ə)l/


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    (nation/person) amante de la paz
    • They now have the tools to find peaceable solutions to conflict.
    • This clearly acknowledges the possibility that innocent civilians going about their peaceable business may be stopped, hassled, even arrested, merely for resembling someone naughty.
    • He is overly gentle and peaceable, perhaps Roman Catholic and perhaps a man with Portuguese blood.
    • It'll not modify my parking habits but I'll be a lot less inclined to condemn and far more likely to engage the farmer in a peaceable conversation when the situation arises.
    • But because the subordination is inspired at root by anxiety and denial, it is not a peaceable subordination.
    • Manners, for her, are one of the ways we show respect for others, mind our own business, and maintain a peaceable and kind society.
    • It is a, so far, peaceful place filled with, I think, peaceable people.
    • Indeed, he was most peaceable as he accepted the chain of office, though he did remind us of a Hollywood boxer at one point.
    • Instead they chose to trap and taunt a group of peaceable people; the only trouble I saw was caused by local kids, not by protestors.
    • Others went on to lead normal, peaceable lives.
    • The prosecution was quick to show that the Koran is in the main a very peaceable document (at least, no less violent than the Bible).
    • On Sunday and Monday, the police fell back to let unpermitted demonstrations proceed to their peaceable conclusions.
    • The Shiites, also grateful, are also relatively peaceable.
    • The first, which has even been recognised by Canadian law, is that freedom of speech should be subject to such limits so as not to be detrimental to peaceable society.
    • Reportedly, the otherwise peaceable crowd pelted him with plastic bottles and bran muffins.
    • There's now a way to move forward through entirely peaceable and democratic means.
    • There can be no such thing as a peaceable secession.
    • And because I am a peaceable citizen, I should easily meet his criterion that no immediate damage would be done by allowing this.
    • I found myself in the midst of a huge peaceable army of helpers in a thousand uniforms - military and civilian.
    • And though their numbers are small compared to the peaceable majority, they nevertheless constitute a growing hinterland for this militancy.
    • Elections happen on time and votes are accurately counted and peaceable changes of government occur as a matter of unremarkable course.
    • Okay, but then how would an airline figure out that he's a peaceable fellow except by, well, identifying him?
    • For now, the religious factions are facing off in a fairly rarefied and generally peaceable manner.
    • The dervishes are renowned for their peaceable and affable disposition, which sets them apart from an awful lot of Turkish menfolk.
    • Despite my ferocious exterior, I'm a reasonably peaceable soul.
    • The holding of a demonstration or vigil, however peaceable, had nothing to do with the right of passage, and the justices had therefore been right to convict.
    • Nor did he attack peaceable Cheyennes in ignorance.
    • It points out how neither the left nor the right has been able to resist enacting its moral programs as law, and neither is content to leave peaceable citizens alone.
    • The Viking city in 975 AD is a fairly peaceable sort of place.
    • At worst, the outcome could be wholesale slaughter on a scale that makes the current level of daily mayhem look like the peaceable kingdom.
    • That anger, however, will not lead me into a terrorist response, any more than it will the vast majority of our overwhelmingly peaceable citizens.
    • In the Golden Age (which Hesiod says was long before his own time) men were naturally peaceable, and for that reason there was no war.
    • While most of the Culture lives in this peaceable way, some spend their life fighting amongst more primitive civilizations.
    • But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.
    • She asked: ‘Why do you seek to destroy this city where there are so many peaceable people?’
    • Throughout these poems, the implicit argument is: Why can't the whole world be as peaceable as my little corner of it is?
    • As a passenger in other people's vehicles, I have seen how normally peaceable and polite people become aggressive and rude behind the wheel of a car.
    • We don't need to look very far to see this: our own, supposedly peaceable country provides enough examples.
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    (settlement/agreement) pacífico