Translation of peckish in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpɛkɪʃ//ˈpɛkɪʃ/



  • 1

    to be / feel peckish tener un poco de hambre
    • And you'd better be careful, he might be feeling a bit peckish.
    • If I feel peckish while knitting I decide to knit two more rows and if I'm still hungry then I'll go and get something to eat.
    • Although my sole intention and natural instinct was to get my date drunk, we were feeling rather peckish.
    • And if you get peckish there's a café, which uses organic produce from the farm's garden whenever possible, and a shop which sells organic vegetables, herbs, plants, honey and eggs.
    • ‘I'm always a little peckish when I get to the top of a mountain,’ said Max.
    • Feeling peckish he ordered room service, locking the dog in the bathroom when the waiter arrived.
    • If you're feeling peckish, quality rather than quantity is the word.
    • I only had fruit for breakfast today so I am a little peckish, I am going to try and stay away from bread, apart from the bread I make myself.
    • Come lunch time today I found myself feeling really rather peckish but didn't fancy anything cooked.
    • If you are mildly peckish after lunch, it's stupid.
    • I wouldn't even be able to eat a bacon sandwich if I got peckish.
    • And if you are feeling peckish, they have an excellent nourishing lunch menu with soup, and really fresh sandwiches.
    • I was feeling distinctly peckish when the stuff was safely loaded in the car, so we strolled back into the store and into the coffee shop.
    • But there's no real mystery: you bought it while peckish.
    • You order some more food, because you're peckish.
    • What arrived was enough to feed a small and starving army, let alone two slightly peckish punters out for a quiet bite to eat.
    • But I'd been up for seven hours and I was feeling a little peckish.
    • Heck, you should even feel free to breastfeed while reading this column, ladies, if your little one is feeling a bit peckish.
    • I was obviously feeling a little peckish when I compiled it.
    • Certainly, I answered, feeling by this point a bit peckish.