Translation of pedestrian in Spanish:


peatón, n.

Pronunciation /pɪˈdɛstrɪən//pəˈdɛstriən/


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    peatón masculine
    peatona feminine
    before noun pedestrian area zona peatonal feminine
    • pedestrian mall / (British) precinct zona peatonal
    • pedestrian zone zona peatonal
    • Windmill Street will be closed and no pedestrians or vehicles will be allowed access.
    • Both have footpaths which have been widened over recent years to accommodate pedestrians.
    • Vehicles and pedestrians can still use Bank Street but it is taking away some of the parking space.
    • If the police do take action on this, pedestrians will benefit as much as cyclists.
    • Chiswick residents claim the crossing is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.
    • Well done to all concerned for ensuring that no harm came to road users and pedestrians alike.
    • Many pedestrians end up having to push past the waiting passengers to get through.
    • Many pedestrians have learnt not to rely on the pedestrian phase even if there is one.
    • Now pedestrians hurry past each week as they walk along one of the shortest streets in York.
    • Some pedestrians walked past for a second time, and like the woman they gave you wary looks.
    • She said they had complained that cars and other vehicles ignore it and fail to stop for pedestrians.
    • The new crossing would improve conditions both for pedestrians and vehicles.
    • He was far too large for the traffic and pedestrians to avoid, but both consciously tried to do so.
    • This reduces visibility for motorists and pedestrians and is very dangerous.
    • No lights, just a steady stream of pedestrians walking over the road and holding up the traffic.
    • He did note that the biggest danger was to pedestrians crossing the swing bridge across the canal.
    • We would like to see pedestrians given priority over vehicles on all park roads.
    • Residents claimed the lights made it much more dangerous for pedestrians to cross.
    • Footpaths provide a safe environment for pedestrians and should be respected by all.
    • He has also called on motorists to be more conscious of pedestrians and cyclists.


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