Translation of peer group in Spanish:

peer group

grupo paritario, n.


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    grupo paritario masculine formal
    before noun peer-group pressure/influence la presión/influencia que ejercen los compañeros
    • There was a lot of pressure from clients and my peer group to buy stocks in this sector which I believed were overvalued and unsustainable.
    • I was ahead enough in class anyway, so I was out of my peer group to begin with.
    • The idea here is that the peer group establishes a normative expectation on young men's behavior.
    • The major influence on the students in this research was the peer group.
    • Status within the peer group is secured by having a desirable, alpha male boyfriend.
    • My childhood was spent learning English and I devoured books - avoided my peer group in favour of reading.
    • Teachers completed two measures of children's social status in the peer group.
    • Gripes about leadership stay in your peer group; they aren't for public consumption.
    • But within his peer group, there is no one more respected or better liked or appreciated.
    • It's an honour to be voted by your peer group, but this is for the whole team not just me.
    • Let your own gut instincts lead you in this, not pressure from a peer group.
    • Maori children experiment with smoking to demonstrate and ensure their membership in the family and in their peer group.
    • For the horsepower, it has some of the best performance of its peer group.
    • The termination of a work contract severs links with friends, without gaining automatic acceptance by an alternative peer group.
    • Often the peer group is important; always the general culture of the society.
    • He would have been treated and the aim would have been to get him back into his peer group as quickly as possible.
    • This type of play also facilitates children's integration into their peer group.
    • Young girls are much more able to do this within their peer group.
    • Moreover, teachers may not have full access to children's daily experiences in the peer group.
    • If conformity is important to you, and your peer group does not drink, perhaps you will also not drink.