Translation of peeve in Spanish:


fastidiar, v.

Pronunciation: /piv//piːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    darle rabia a
    it peeves her that I earn more money than she does le fastidia / le da rabia que yo gane más que ella
    • The Tories were rather peeved, and the Liberal Democrats not very impressed.
    • I'm just peeved the second half is so uninteresting compared to the first.
    • While I am seriously peeved over what happened, I can't help but feel sorry for people like him.
    • The insurance companies are particularly peeved at the absence of the risk management concept in the revised tariff.
    • Neil was peeved when I refused his request for a prescription for penicillin.
    • I was peeved because I'd come back for my morning tea break and was waiting for a gap between showers to get out under a nice dry awning or archway.
    • Actually I'm a sore loser and will only be peeved when I don't win.
    • I couldn't quite make out whether the doc was peeved because I was back again or genuinely surprised to see me again so soon.
    • I sat down to watch it and was somewhat peeved to see that they hadn't included anything about the alternate ending.
    • This peeved me because I was few months older than him, though in those days you lied about your age.
    • She's peeved, and you're left wondering if she's having a brain lapse or something.
    • However, I am slightly peeved at myself as I should've done some of these application forms on Monday.
    • Let your friends know you are genuinely sorry and that you understand why they're peeved.
    • He wore a slightly peeved expression, a dissected newspaper strewn about his side of the table.
    • U.S. and European drugs and pharmaceutical companies are reported to be peeved at this.
    • One such member was peeved at the way in which computer terminals were lying unused.
    • They're peeved because a rich American businessman with no knowledge of football has taken over the club.
    • I was peeved by her reaction, that she would be embarrassed, instead of being proud of me.
    • She was peeved that I wasn't able, at a moment's notice, to take half an hour to help her dress.
    • He was still peeved at Roger's actions, but would forgive him if everything turned out well in the end.


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    manía feminine
    his current pet peeve is ... ahora le ha dado la manía de ...