Translation of pell-mell in Spanish:


desordenadamente, adv.

Pronunciation /pɛlˈmɛl//pɛlˈmɛl/


  • 1

    sin orden ni concierto
    clothes were thrown pell-mell into suitcases habían metido ropa en las maletas desordenadamente / sin orden ni concierto
    • they rushed pell-mell into the sea corrieron en tropel hacia el mar
    • His cuirassiers plunged into the thick of the fray at once, driving the Swedes pell-mell back across the ditch and road.
    • Behind the marked turnaround: pell-mell economic growth, an ultra-easy monetary policy, and a bank lending boom.
    • She ran down the stairs, chasing the rat with a marble pell-mell.
    • Bernard embarked on pell-mell international expansion, building strong operations across the rest of Europe, Asia and Latin America.
    • Even groups that we have admired are now in pell-mell cowardly retreat.