Translation of pellucid in Spanish:


cristalino, adj.

Pronunciation /pɛˈl(j)uːsɪd//pəˈlusəd//pɪˈl(j)uːsɪd/



  • 1

    (stream/water) cristalino
    • I hopped on out to the patio to stand in quite pleasantly warm sunshine and peered up at the pellucid blue sky.
    • You see it now in those horrid traffic jams; in tar slicks that come and go when you swim in pellucid waters; and in the awful fires that destroyed many trees on the Cote during last summer's heat wave.
    • A completely irrational white translucent roof undulates over the space like a gentle cloud, or the sky seen from under water on a pellucid day.
    • This morning the rain swept away, the clouds rolled back, and we were blessed with pellucid blue skies and sunshine from dawn till dusk.
    • Diving the pellucid waters of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of central Belize, down past jewel-like transparent plankton, I see the ridge of the Belize Barrier Reef materializing out of the turquoise depths.
  • 2

    (easy to understand)
    (style/poem) diáfano
    (discussion/argument) de meridiana claridad
    • The renowned, the brilliant, the incredibly funny man, published delightful books written in the most pellucid prose.
    • In each of these enterprises, she brought to bear her characteristic rigor and discernment, as well as the pellucid prose style for which she was justly celebrated.
    • As we have come to expect and learned to treasure, he is not content merely with his sinewy, epigrammatic, pellucid prose, and does not rest only upon his gift of narrative, his unparalleled expository powers, and his eye for the telling detail.
    • I particularly enjoyed the author's pellucid writing style, organization of materials and experience based insights into the world of testing.
    • Read them years later in wonder at their erudition and pellucid prose.