Translation of penal in Spanish:


penal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpin(ə)l//ˈpiːn(ə)l/


  • 1

    penal offense delito penal masculine
    • a penal institution una penitenciaría
    • Any transformation of the penal system must start with the redesign of prison buildings.
    • However, he said it was important that the Irish penal system still offered prisoners some hope of rehabilitation and reintegration into society.
    • Concerned with the increase in violent crimes in the last decades of the twentieth century, many people are demanding a stricter police control and reforms in the penal system which would extend the time of incarceration.
    • In the same way that hospitals are the acute end of the healthcare system, prisons should be the acute end of the penal system.
    • A spate of prison suicides has highlighted the terrible state of Britain's penal system.
    • I did my time (the best part of an hour) in a prison that was briefly the most notorious in the Scottish penal system.
    • But a federal court turned the company down, noting that the rights of the public to information about the penal system do not include a promise of unfettered access.
    • Power can be conceptualized as control over resources that are desired by other people, and can be exerted in numerous ways including through legal and penal systems.
    • The Judaeo-Christian tradition insists that the primary aim of any penal system is to reform and restore.
    • It is far too late for us to start thinking about rehabilitation as the primary objective of our penal system once young offenders have been through this useless youth justice system, but that is exactly what we have done.
    • Those people wanted punishment to be brought back into the penal system, but what has happened?
    • More than 90 countries worldwide have abolished corporal punishment in schools and penal systems for youth.
    • Quite frankly, I am of the view that you will be able to better deal with those mental health issues in the provincial penal system as opposed to the federal penal system.
    • A fabulously expensive and enormous penal system whose rapidly mounting social costs will be borne, ultimately, by every woman, man, and child in the country.
    • Can you imagine, for example, the crisis that would be created within our penal system if lifers were never to have hope of changed circumstances?
    • What sort of a penal system do we have when those who are supposed to confine the prisoners cannot or do not protect them?
    • Humane and rational reform of the penal system is needed urgently.
    • Granted, prison is a place for punishment, but our penal system seems to be committing worse crimes than most of the people who are in jail.
    • Institutional racism dogs educational, legal and penal systems on all continents.
    • In my judgment it is legitimate to have regard to public perception when considering the characteristics of a penal system.