Translation of pencil in Spanish:


lápiz, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛnsəl//ˈpɛnsɪl//ˈpɛns(ə)l/


  • 1

    (for writing, drawing)
    lápiz masculine
    colored pencils lápices de colores
    • to draw/write in pencil dibujar a/escribir con lápiz
    • eyebrow/eye pencil lápiz de cejas/ojos
    • before noun pencil drawing dibujo a lápiz
    • Architects educated during these two decades have seen their standard tools transformed, for better or worse, from pencils to laptops.
    • I liked drawing, but I only liked drawing with my art pencils.
    • Getting comfortable by leaning against the cab, she drew out a sketch pad and a box of drawing pencils from her bag.
    • She then took a sketchpad from her handbag, along with some drawing pencils and an eraser.
    • Usually at the end of each day, I pull out the coloured pencils and drawing pad for my son.
    • When I finished reading the letter, I put it down and took out a blank piece of paper and a pencil, ready to list all of the guys that fit the two clues.
    • He received some money from a federal welfare program and tried selling pencils.
    • Common complimentary gifts include plastic bags, ballpoint pens, pencils, writing pads, water bottles and paper cups.
    • I rustled through pens, crumpled pieces of paper, pencils, candy wrappers, and junk that I had no idea was even in my back pack.
    • Jessi opened her folder and pulled out various pieces of paper and pencils, passing several to each bed.
    • Use a pencil and piece of paper to rearrange the letters of a word, and then decipher them.
    • Hardware and software is still more expensive than paper and pencils.
    • He would give me some paper and a pencil and I would imitate him, making marks on paper.
    • He ran out carrying a stack of blank papers, a bunch of crayons, pencils, charcoal sticks, a camera and a huge straw hat.
    • There were sketchpads and drawing pencils, as well as other art materials on top of the dresser.
    • He laid the pencil and drawing paper carefully onto his bureau.
    • After hours of trying to elicit any scrap of detail about his life, someone had the idea of leaving him with a drawing pad and pencils.
    • I always think of myself as a kid in the street with a pencil and piece of paper, watching other people.
    • In the lush green lawns, they got busy with their drawing sheets, pencils and of course their creativity.
    • All that's required is a pencil and a piece of paper and the self-nurtured belief that what you have to say is worth saying.
  • 2

    (of light) rayo masculine
    (of rays) haz masculine
    • The thin line of his pencil transcribes the desert light and, for the first time in this exhibition, a unique and unmistakable vision appears.
    • Peepholes at strategic points along its length admitted pencils of light.
    • These conservative pencils of light also displayed the biological diversity of the ship's crew.
    • In the darkest works, the pencil lines are visible only as a sheen.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (write, draw)
    (calculations/notes) (con lápiz) anotar
    (outline) hacer un esbozo de
    • If approved, the first market day is pencilled in for April 21.
    • They are pencilled in, these particulars, in an old fashioned hand, sloping and graceful.
    • But there is again some doubt the pitch will be playable, so Monday has been pencilled in as an alternate date.
    • Visions of him are off limits in your daydreams, his name is never again to be penciled in your notebook, and his school picture must promptly be removed from the inside of your locker.
    • Turns out that my name has been pencilled against this project for some weeks now - which is partly why no other work has been coming my way.
    • The first concrete proposals came in 1967, with the city engineer pencilling a route just outside the city walls.
    • Another meeting has been pencilled in for next month.
    • Dates can be pencilled in for when key management appointments should take place, thus ensuring a smooth build-up of the team.
    • Paddy and the band were originally pencilled in to play at the venue on the following night, but this has now been brought forward to Friday.
    • As I write this he's pencilled it onto the canvas and judging by the noises he was making in the background as I spoke to him, he has just begun to paint.
    • He has now been pencilled in for a race at Christmas.
    • A final decision is expected next summer but existing and former reactor sites are being pencilled in for a new generation of nuclear power plants.
    • In preparation, I penciled an outline of the new construction on a large sheet of butcher paper.
    • More than 35 events and attractions have already been pencilled in over a ten-day timetable with room for plenty more.
    • The inquiries are due to take place in April, although alternative dates in June and July have been pencilled in in the event of a General Election in May.
    • A release date is pencilled in for the autumn to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt's birth this year.
    • But it was predicted today that the inquiry will probably have to extend into a third session, which has been pencilled in for July.
    • A second session has been pencilled in for the end of this month.
    • Now the operation has been firmly pencilled in for the beginning of March, provided there are no last-minute setbacks.
    • I've been pencilled in to race at Musselburgh on Monday and if the ground is fast I'll be off up to Scotland.
  • 2

    (with cosmetic)
    (eyebrows) perfilar
    (eyebrows) dibujar