Translation of penetrable in Spanish:


penetrable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛnɪtrəbl//ˈpɛnətrəb(ə)l/


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    • And who else but idiots would support a missile defence system that has proved penetrable and unworkable?
    • An open country with easily penetrable borders.
    • The outer membrane, as in a cell, is penetrable, filled with light, transparent, and attracting public view.
    • The duly mapped portage trails were not a pathway out but a pathway in to a barely penetrable morass of fallen trees and boot-swallowing mud.
    • The engine-room was penetrable without much of a squeeze.
    • This chakra is the chakra that is the most penetrable for light, and its color is yellow and golden.
    • The one penetrable point in his ironclad nature had not been reached yet.
    • Topical drug penetration, for example in the use of a cell penetrable peptide approach to enhance penetration of therapeutic compounds into skin.
    • The border is "an ambiguous ground whose penetrable boundaries prove advantageous not only for the border-crosser, but for ideological formations that structure social realities".
    • Hackers crash servers knowing that a device will re-boot using default settings far more penetrable than before.
    • Of course, your skin thickens with time, but all armour is penetrable, no matter how much a journalist protests to the contrary.
    • Holsten is also available in an unbreakable plastic bottle, but the bottle is green and penetrable by light, and therefore not a great choice to have out in the sunlight.
    • Such skulls have penetrable muscle, cartilage and bone areas along with extremely hard bone sections that neither knife penetrated more than 3/8 ".
    • The bridge is at 30m and penetrable, but the rest of the vessel is falling in on itself and so not easily entered.
    • With a penetrable fourth wall, a spot of audience participation and plenty of gleeful nonsense, this is pantomime in all but dame.
    • Maybe its the way Croydon council have preserved and labeled loads of pathways and twittens between streets, so everything is penetrable.
    • Bollinger may have been thinking about the ocean - that fluid, penetrable and drowning plane - since he made a wave.
    • Space itself became his motionless laboratory: flat, penetrable, yet forever the same.
    • Material nature must be penetrable by the spirit.
    • Newton assumed that space was the empty container of things, that it was incorporeal, absolutely penetrable, never influenced anything and was never affected by any influence.