Translation of penlight in Spanish:


linterna de bolsillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɛnlaɪt//ˈpɛnlʌɪt/


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    linterna de bolsillo feminine
    • The light we could see was the penlight that the robber was carrying.
    • The man nodded once before uncapping a small penlight.
    • The lights from the penlights bounced off from shard to shard, illuminating the space in front of the French soldiers with an eerie red glow, blinding them again.
    • Ian knew the route almost by heart, and only turned the penlight on briefly to re-orient himself when he lost his bearings in the darkness.
    • A valet parking attendant was signaling with his penlight.
    • She opened her backpack and pulled out her penlight.
    • She pulled out her penlight, attached it to her hat and continued to fill out her sheet, writing timings and estimated paces.
    • I have a penlight, but that's not good enough, right?
    • It was hard to see, since the sun had gone down a short while ago, so I took out my penlight and shone it around on the ground.
    • I asked him as I readied the tongue depressor in one hand and steadied my penlight with the other.
    • The light flashes and light lines that populate his images are actually traces of the artist moving through the space with either a penlight or a mirror he tips to catch the sun.
    • She walked back home in the dark, using the penlight on her backpack.
    • There's no light up there, but with the penlight Melissa found, it's actually pretty easy to find your way around.
    • On the table I also had to manage controls for three slide carousels, a microphone, a penlight to read the letters and accompanying notes.
    • As a practical matter, it's worthwhile to keep a penlight on hand.
    • He swore softly, stopping to shine the penlight in his eyes.
    • She held the button on the penlight down as she crawled beside Jeremy through the space inside the ceiling.
    • The paramedic shined a penlight at her, first in her left eye, then in her right.
    • Even with limited equipment - an interesting toy for fixation, an eye chart, a penlight, a Wood's lamp, fluorescein strips and an ophthalmoscope - family physicians can identify most important causes of vision loss.
    • He pulled a thin stack of photographs out of a pocket and used a penlight to examine one of them.