Translation of peremptory challenge in Spanish:

peremptory challenge



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    derecho a pedir el cambio de algún miembro del jurado sin dar razones para ello
    • Other than the preliminary vetting by the trial judge, there is a challenge for cause, peremptory challenges and the oath of the juror.
    • When an attorney exercises peremptory challenges, she uses her discretion to reject potential jurors who are not, objectively speaking, objectionable.
    • The few retirees from upper income brackets could be bounced from the panel with peremptory challenges by the plaintiff's attorney.
    • There is no limit as to how many jurors can be removed under this cause, but peremptory challenges has a definite number that a lawyer may use.
    • As everyone knows, peremptory challenges are frequently used to eliminate people of a particular gender or a particular age group or a particular apparent professional status.