Translation of perfection in Spanish:


perfección, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈfɛkʃ(ə)n//pərˈfɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (state, quality)
    perfección feminine
    we don't expect perfection no esperamos la perfección absoluta
    • to do sth to perfection hacer algo a la perfección
    • The decade she spent looking for the paragon of perfection would not go in vain.
    • The issue here is not technical perfection, or aspects of image quality.
    • Is it the pursuit of perfection, a realisation of pragmatism, the search for the divine or perhaps baser instincts which drive us into wanting someone?
    • Remember, this is a world-class hotel, and absolute perfection is expected of all its employees.
    • We must place our efforts into nearing perfection, not demanding it of others.
    • His dancing isn't trendy, nor is it the pinnacle of technical perfection.
    • From the outset the plan for this website was to highlight all the forms of perfection this wonderful property offers.
    • The thumb and index finger form a circle which represents the perfection of wisdom.
    • In order that man devote himself totally to achieving spiritual perfection, many forms of labor will become obsolete.
    • Regardless, all this needs to attain perfection is a few minutes shaved off of the overall running time.
    • Characters take turns bemoaning their frustrations or looking at the unattainable perfection of the stars.
    • It is not everyday that you are given the fortune of acquainting yourself with an quintessence of perfection like me.
    • I mean, I spent 30 years in the world of physical perfection, right?
    • You are greeted by yet another beautiful day, dazzling in its perfection.
    • In today's society, the goal of obtaining physical perfection is quite common.
    • They can't expect perfection or permanence, and they must bow to universal usage.
    • He hated mediocrity and always strived for perfection and excellence.
    • Fortunately, I have honed the whole smiling and nodding thing to near perfection.
    • Certainly, it is undemonstrative in its perfection; but that very perfection is a quality we should treasure.
    • Throughout this series, the power of the image is enhanced by its technical perfection and tonal richness.
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    perfeccionamiento masculine